Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The big clue that things don’t work out between Cass and Richie on Bachelor in Paradise.

Whether you like Bachelor in Paradise or not, we can all agree this year’s series so far is turning up duds.

By that, we mean there’s a bloody good chance ZERO viable couples will come out of the 2019 reality dating show.

If you need further proof, Instagram sleuths have discovered a big clue indicating Richie Strahan and Cass Wood are probably not in a relationship.

That’s right. The internet’s detectives have uncovered a bombshell – Cass and Richie are the only two contestants from this season not to follow each other on the gram, Daily Mail reports.

Not a good sign, is it?

Considering neither Cass nor Richie has made a romantic move on each other thus far in the season, we wouldn’t be surprised if they leave paradise with just a platonic friendship.

Anyone else getting brother/sister vibes?

2. “There’s three sides to a story.” Jessika vows to reveal what really happened in her breakup with Dan.


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Just when you thought there was no more tea in the Married At First Sight gossip cup to spill, it would appear we haven’t heard the end of the MAFS Jessika Power and Dan Webbs cheating scandal.

Quick recap: Jessika and Dan left MAFS together after cheating on their fake partners, only to break up in the real world when rumours Jessika cheated on Dan with former MAFS contestant Telv Williams came out last week.

Moving on.

Posting a selfie on Instagram on Monday, Jessika has vowed to tell her side of the story, having remained fairly quiet as both Dan and Telv confirmed the cheating allegations.

“I’ve felt all [the] love and the hate over the past few weeks and I will have my say as there is always three sides to a story – his, mine, and the truth,” the reality star wrote.

“But please respect my privacy until then.”

As much as we hate to admit it, we’ll be hanging out to hear Jessika’s version of the truth any day now.


3. Justin Bieber just shared a throwback pic, and it’s absolute gold.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember just how young Justin Bieber was when he first exploded onto our airwaves.

The singer-songwriter, who was just 13 years old when his career began, is very, very different from the Justin Bieber we were first introduced to way back then.

Now, at 25 years old, Bieber has shared a childhood throwback photo – and it’s absolute gold.


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once a pimp always a pimp

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“Once a pimp, always a pimp,” Bieber captioned the photo.

Earlier this month, Bieber opened up about his mental health struggles, sharing photos from his therapy sessions and news about his recovery.

“Getting better everyday. Bouncing back. I will never ever stop fighting,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

“The most challenging season of my life.”

4. It looks like Married at First Sight’s Mick Gould has finally found love.

Good news, Married at First Sight fans.

After being ditched by his on-screen wife Jessika Power, it looks like Married At First Sight’s Mick Gould has finally found love.


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Thanks for a great night ????@watermanbiz @believeadvertising

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Over the weekend, the reality star was spotted kissing another Australian reality star in a Sydney park.

Yep, it seems Mick is dating The Bachelor’s Kayla Gray AKA the contestant who jumped into a pool at the cocktail party to try and gain the Honey Badger’s attention.

You can take a sneaky look at the photos right over here.

The pair were also seen together at MAFS Cam and Jules’ engagement party over the weekend.

Although the couple haven’t yet officially confirmed their relationship, Kayla shared a photo of the pair at an event on Instagram earlier this month.

5. Inside the rumour Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be moving to Africa.

"I'm about to have a baby and they want me to move where?!" Image: Getty.

If you thought the birth of a new royal baby would be enough to bring the feuding royals back together, you’re wrong. Apparently.

According to multiple reports coming out of the UK media (yes, tabloids included), there are plans in the works to send The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and their unborn child, to live in Africa.

But didn’t they just move out of Kensington Palace, where The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton live, and into a recently renovated Frogmore Cottage, complete with a yoga studio?

Sure, but royal insiders and “sources” believe Frogmore Cottage just isn’t far enough.

Rumour has it, Prince William and Prince Harry aren’t getting along (rumour also has it Meghan and Kate aren’t getting along either), and that William would very much like it if Harry and Meghan could take their star power somewhere far, far away for a while.

To find exactly where and why Prince Harry and Meghan might be moving, read our full story here.