The bizarre royal baby traditions that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have to follow.



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The arrival of a new royal baby is nearly upon us.

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they were expecting back in October, royal fans have been eager to find out anything and everything about Baby Sussex.


With just weeks to go until the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce the arrival of the royal baby, we decided to take a look at some of the bizarre royal baby traditions that Meghan and Harry will be expected to follow.

Royal kids are just like normal kids. Post continues after video.

Here’s what we discovered:

1. The Queen will be the first to know.

Before the news of the royal baby’s birth is announced to the public, the Queen will be the very first person to know.

Following the birth of Baby Sussex, the couple will notify the Queen in an encrypted phone call.

Once the Queen knows, other members of the royal family as well as Meghan’s family will be told of the exciting news.

Before the news is shared publicly, the British Prime Minister will also be notified of the news.

2. The official announcement.

Nothing says “welcome to the world” like firing cannons.

In addition to an announcement on Instagram and Twitter, the birth of Baby Sussex will also be announced in the traditional royal way.


Following the birth, a 41-gun salute is likely to be conducted in London.

As was the case with the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s three children, an official announcement sharing the gender of the baby and the time of delivery will be placed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace.

royal baby annnouncement
An official announcement will be shared outside Buckingham Palace. Image: Getty.

3. A lavish christening.

When the time comes, Baby Sussex's christening will be filled with royal traditions.


Since 1841, the royal family have been using the same christening robe, with over 60 babies christened in the same gown.

Since 2008, however, the family have used a replica gown.

Baby Sussex will be baptised into the Church of England by the Archbishop of Canterbury using water from the River Jordan.

4. Three names for Baby Sussex.

Baby Sussex won't just get one name – they'll likely get three.

While Meghan and Harry's baby is expected to have a traditional name, it's also expected that they will have at least three or even up to four names.

"Harry and Meghan's baby could have up to four names. Three names are typical for those in line for the throne, so that they have another name to choose from if they were to become King or Queen," royal expert Grant Harrold told Insider.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's three children were all given three names.

Baby Sussex will likely be given three names. Image: Getty.

5. The royal tradition they won't follow.

Traditionally, female members of the royal family were joined during childbirth by the Queen's doctors.

But according to the Daily Mail, Meghan is refusing to have "men in suits" oversee her birth.

Instead, the former Suits actress has reportedly appointed her own delivery team, led by a female doctor.

“Meghan said she doesn’t want the men in suits. She was adamant that she wanted her own people. It did leave a few of us a little baffled,” the source was quoted as saying to the Daily Mail.

“It is slightly surprising. These people [the Queen’s doctors] are the best of the best and when it comes down to it, their role would actually be very limited in the birth itself, assuming all goes to plan,” they were reported as adding.

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