The four terrifying things toilet paper can do to your vagina.

Fingers crossed you’re not currently sitting in a toilet cubicle somewhere taking a moment of solace while you scroll through articles on your smartphone because we’ve got bad news.

Now, not to alarm you, but toilet paper is the latest bathroom product (see: shower puffs) that’s a whole lot more dangerous than you might think.

“Toilet paper can irritate your vulva and your vagina, especially if you have sensitive skin,” gynecologist Pari Ghodsi told Glamour magazine.

It can also cause infections if not used properly.

Here’s how to protect yourself from the hidden dangers lurking in your loo.

What are the dangers of using toilet paper?

Tiny paper cuts.

Look, it might surprise you to learn but the tissue around your vagina is very delicate and if you’re a rough wiper, you could be damaging it.

In fact, your run-of-the-mill toilet paper might be giving you tiny paper cuts, that’s right. Tiny. Paper. Cuts. On your vagina.

Apparently these can become infected, which is why the experts recommend you dab.

Dainty, huh?


Most people know to wipe front to back, but if you don't here, it is: Always wipe front to back.

The female urethra is short and bacteria from your bum can easily make its way up into your bladder.

Unless you have an endless supply of Ural, it's best to avoid UTI.


Ah. The humble yeast infection. If you use fancy toilet paper — you know the kind that's perfumed — the chemicals can upset the pH balance of your downstairs region. Sigh.

Pick the boring hypo-allergenic brand instead and you'll be fine.


And if you need another reason to go generic (it's cheaper, it's so much cheaper) apparently those delightful perfumes, as well as bleach and excessive wiping can cause your vagina to puff up.

So there you go.

Happy weeing everyone!

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