The secret life of your vagina.

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You and your vagina have been living with one another since birth. As with any long-term relationship, you’re probably quite well acquainted by now — but there’s every chance there are things you still don’t know about your constant companion.

We happen to know a few fascinating facts about your vagina’s incredible abilities and achievements that’ll make you want to reach down and give it a high-five…

1. Your clitoris has more sensory nerve endings than anywhere else in the body.

Around 8000 of them, to be precise. Penises, on the other hand, boast just 4000. Yep, we may be paid less than our male counterparts, but our clitorises have twice the fun penises do. Cheers, evolution. We owe you a drink.

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2. It's also an iceberg.

That ol' "the clitoris is impossible to find" chestnut is ludicrous for several reasons, including: a) it's front and centre, people, and b) the clitoris runs much deeper than what you see on the surface. Although the tiny head of the clitoris is roughly the size of a pea, the entire organ is actually more comparable to a medium zucchini, according to evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen. You'll never see veggies the same way after this little talk, huh? The clitoris stretches around five inches down along the walls of the vagina, in a wishbone-type shape, and consists of six separate parts.

3. You can have four types of orgasms.

Overachiever alert: according to a 2012 study, women can achieve four different types of orgasm. FOUR:  vaginal, clitoral, blended (i.e. a combination of vaginal and clitoral) and, our favourite kind, multiple. Fake ones don't count. Your vagina is really looking out for your wellbeing, so maybe take a moment today to thank her. And by "thank", we mean... Well, you know what we mean. (post continues after gallery)

4. Your bush might actually help you get laid.

The rise of bikini waxing has seen women ripping out their pubic hair for years now, often in the name of improving their sex lives. And yet, this might be counter-productive if a popular pubic hair theory is to be believed. Word is, your bush serves to absorb and disseminate the sexual pheremones emitted by your body, which naturally attract potential mates. Worth mentioning next time your parts hints that maybe you should go Brazilian, hmm?

5. Your vagina is seriously strong.

Good news for lazy bones: your vagina's picking up the slack when it comes to muscle strength (although that's no reason to skip the gym). You've probably already guessed this, based on the fact it can push out a human infant, but you mightn't realise just how strong we're talking. Case in point: the world’s strongest vagina can apparently lift 32 pounds (14 kilos). Damn. Maybe it's time to take those kegel flexes seriously.


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6. The vagina can expand by 200 percent.

We recently learned the average penis is 5.16 inches long when erect. The average vagina, on the other hand, measures around 3-4 inches. Basic primary school maths will tell you we potentially have a problem, Houston. But don't panic — when you're getting down to business, the muscular ridges lining your vagina courteously expand to accommodate a visiting penis. And then, down the line, a baby.

7. Your vagina has something in common with sharks.

They both have terrifying, razor-sharp, penis-severing teeth! Just kidding, although there's an old folk tale about 'vagina dentata', which believed exactly that. What your vagina does have in common with sharks is an organic compound called squalene. This is a natural fluid that works as a lubricant for women, and is also found in the liver of sharks. So if you've ever been tempted to name your parts, maybe 'Jaws' is a good option.

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8. It also has something in common with wine.

Vaginas and wine share a very similar PH level — around 3.0 and 4.0. As for whether they both get better with age... you'll have to figure that one out for yourself.

9. Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine.

There's been a lot of chatter lately about how often women do, and should, shower. Regardless of whether you're a twice-a-day or every second day bather, one thing is for certain: your parts are already doing their, um, part. The vagina is lined with glands that produce fluids to cleanse and lubricate the area. As for the vulva, a gentle clean involving water and your hand or a washcloth does the trick. Soap is okay, but avoid overly scented bath products because these guys can strip away your vagina's natural lubricants and good bacteria, which might result in serious irritation down there. Just let it do its thing, okay?

Do you have any fun vagina facts to add?