These are 50 photos of what women’s vulvas actually look like.

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This post contains photos of 50 different women's vulvas. We have chosen to make them 'click-for-view' to avoid accidental viewing, but if you're not comfortable with intimate imagery of women's bodies, maybe click away now. 

From the age of 13, high school experiences led me to become self-conscious of my vulva. Due to a lack of education and horrible things other students (boys AND girls) said, I came to believe I needed to be “fixed”.

After years of this body shame dictating who I dated and who I let in, I decided to go see a plastic surgeon.

Of course, after two consultations, it was clear that I couldn’t afford the surgery. Eventually, I saved up the money for the cosmetic surgery, but I was lucky enough to see a plastic surgeon who talked me out of altering such a delicate body part.

He told me to go and educate myself on what a normal vulva looks like.

Looking back at the dozens of intimate photos I have taken, I think he would laugh if he saw how seriously I took his advice. But I no longer want to change my labia and I want to do for women all around the world what that one person did for me: I want to educate men and women on what means to be “normal” downstairs.

Listen to Mia Freedman's interview with Ellie Sedgwick from 'Comfortable in my skin' to hear her talk more about her vulva journey. Post continues after podcast. 

This journey has shown me that there is a huge gap in the understanding and acceptance of female genitals.

I’ve learnt that labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world.

I’ve learnt that in Australia, it is actually the LAW that the inner labia must be photoshopped to “a single crease” before being published in a magazine.

And I’ve finally learnt (THANK GOD) the anatomy of my own vulva and all my pleasure points.

I can now direct any man to my spot and help any women that comes to see me to find hers.

I have 380 more women to photograph before I use the photos to open up a gallery in Sydney and make a vulva photography book that I hope will be used in high schools and doctors surgeries all around the world – so that people can be educated properly on what a normal vulva looks like, and won’t feel the need to alter their own to fit what they feel is ‘beautiful’.

So here are 50 photos of women’s vulvas. Look closely and share with your friends. Because we need to redefine our idea of ‘normal’.


Feature image: Instagram/@comfortableinmyskin_

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