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'Five authentic '50s dream homes.' Everything we know about The Block 2023.

The Block is back, baby.

An all-new season of the reality renovation show is well underway, with reports claiming homes will be ready for viewings as early as June.

Each year, we watch on as five pairs take properties down to the studs and rebuild forever homes for families willing to brawl in all-out bidding wars. 

While only two houses sold on Auction Day during The Block 2022, things are looking different this year as producers traded in rural living for the suburbs.

And along with a fresh construction, it appears the drama has been stirring away as well... which tells us we're in for one hell of a season. 

Take a stroll down memory lane and watch the trailer for The Block 2022. Post continues after video. 

Video via Nine.

Here's everything we know about The Block 2023.

What will be The Block 2023 theme?

This week producers have given viewers at home a sneak peek of what's to come, with the iconic Scott Cam featuring in a video wearing a '50s-inspired leather jacket, indicating we're winding back the clocks.


Then comes confirmation from Scotty as we take a look at the homes our Blockheads will be renovating this year. 

"Ah the '50s what a time to be alive – houses had all the mod cons and life in the 'burbs was pretty bloody perfect," Scotty says.

The full renovation schedule is then revealed, unlike previous seasons where each week we'd uncover what section contestants would be renovating next.

"You've never seen The Block like this," the voiceover says.

Who are the cast of The Block 2023?

"Five feisty new Blockhead couples travel back in time to battle it out for the Block's best houses yet," says Scotty.

We meet Kyle and Leslie from Western Australia, Liberty and Eliza from Victoria, Gian and Steph from New South Wales, Ash and Leah from Queensland and Kristy and Brett representing South Australia.

Who are the judges of The Block 2023?

It's been confirmed that the new season will be welcoming a fourth judge Marty Fox onto the famous panel, Marty is a top real estate agent and has worked on selling The Block houses before.

We will also be welcoming back Shaynna, Darren and Neale for another season of renovation magic.

When does The Block 2023 start? 

Filming for the reality renovation show kicked off a few months ago in March, with rumours claiming all five houses are being built by the contestants and will be ready for showings in June. 

What we don't know is when season 19 will begin airing — but if past seasons are anything to go off, it looks like we won't be sitting down to watch the premiere episode until August... 


Where will The Block 2023 be?

Yup. It's official. The Block is bidding adieu to country life and going back to the suburbs.

Specifically, the Melbourne Bayside area in Hampton East on Charming Street. And the neighbourhood is exactly that: charming. 

It borders on the beach in Melbourne but remains close to the CBD. Meaning potential buyers will get the best of both worlds. 

Scott Cam and Shelley Craft. Image: Nine.


It's also just a hop and a skip away from the suburb where The Block filmed in 2021 (AKA the season Mitch and Mark won at Auction Day for their Bronte Court, Hampton home). 

Channel Nine purchased houses 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 on the street for an estimated total of $14.3 million.

What's happened on The Block so far?

Since the show is filming in the suburbs — and not in rural Victoria — we've had a lot more... neighbourly input than in seasons past. 

In March, a letter from Channel Nine went viral for making "intrusive" demands. 

The note went to several neighbours and said they were shooting a TV commercial for this year’s season of The Block and asked everybody to keep their cars off the street.

According to the letter, the network wanted to include vintage cars from the 1950s as part of the theming.

Image: 2023 Charming St The Block Facebook Page.


"As we are dressing the street, we do request on Friday evening that you please not park on the street or in your driveways. We would like to keep modern cars out of the shots. If you need assistance to move your vehicles, we can assist you in the morning," part of the letter read. 

"On Saturday morning 0700-0930 we will film on the footpath outside 35 with our camera looking towards house 24 and 22. Can house 24 kindly keep any cars off-site so we don’t have a modern car in the shot, that would be greatly appreciated."

Neighbours weren't all too happy but seemed to put it behind them until another letter showed up on their doorsteps this week... with a bottle of wine as a gift. 

A photo of the letter was shared on the 2023 Charming St The Block Facebook Page with the caption: "A letter and a gift! ….. and it will get busier!"


The leaked note was a warning to the community to be aware of "disruption" until mid-June.

Image: 2023 Charming St The Block Facebook Page.

"These last few weeks of production are focussed on finishing the internal spaces of the homes and then moving to the outdoor areas and that entails some additional workforce with each of our contestants engaging landscaping teams etc, so I do apologise in advance that there may be some disruption as we will need to have many people on site. The busiest weeks will be from June 5 – 17," the letter read.


The note, according to one anonymous neighbour, was warmly received. 

"For 99 per cent of the time, The Block team has been great to work with," the insider told Yahoo Lifestyle. "On any other building project, such as the many other builds occurring in the area, we would not have had any communication.

"Of course, it doesn’t mean they’ve been perfect but they do talk to the residents and try to work out any challenges."

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Who won The Block 2022? 

Last year, House 5's Omar and Oz made history with their profit of $1,586,666.66 when they sold their Macedon Ranges home on Auction Day.

The huge number happened when a bidding war erupted between familiar Block home buyer Danny Wallis and first-time bidder Adrian Portelli.

Omar and Oz on The Block. Image: Nine.


Their offers pushed House 5 to a sale of $5,666,666.66.

Omar and Oz split the winning prize money, as well as their $100,000 prize money and walked away with around $800,000 each.

This story was originally published on May 24, 2023 and updated on July 12, 2023.

Feature Image: Nine/2023 Charming St The Block Facebook Page. 

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