In 2012, we were introduced to Brad and Lara on The Block. Here's what they're up to now.

After winning The Block in 2012, Brad and Lara Cranfield took home a $606,000 prize. 

Since then, they've gotten married, had children, renovated their dream home, sold it and moved to Byron Bay in search of a new journey.

And in 2022, the pair have just finished another huge reno in Byron Bay, New South Wales. 

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Brad and Lara originally settled in the Hunter Valley region following their win and purchased their 25-hectare property for $510,000. While it was supposed to be their "forever home", the couple tells Mamamia they fell in love with Byron Bay. 

"We had holidayed in Byron Bay for years and loved the area," Lara explains. 

When the excuse to move to the coastal town came up, they knew they couldn't say no. 

Brad and Lara, The Block 2012. Image: Nine.


"Brad was given an exciting and new opportunity to work in the real estate industry through a 'Block' connection – Shelley Craft and her husband Christian. Christian was a cameraman on The Block and we became great mates with him while filming and kept in contact afterwards. We decided to give it a go and moved north to Byron, renting out our dream home as we weren't sure if it would work out."

She added: "We were never going to sell 'the farm' as it was our dream home and we had spent the past four years building it. Despite it being our dream home at the time, it obviously didn’t end up being our forever home, and we sold it 12 months [on] after moving to Byron Bay. 

"I cried for three days when we sold 'the farm' but it was the best thing we ever did."


Brad and Lara's Byron Bay home. Image: Depth Field Photography.

The pair deeply desired a lifestyle change.

And when Brad and Lara found their new home - one they could grow into with their two growing boys - they got to work.

"[Our sons] never stop so we really wanted to create an open plan space that flowed through to the outdoor areas and soon-to-be-installed pool," Lara tells Mamamia. "When we bought our house, it had tiny rooms everywhere – a small foyer, small lounge room, enclosed kitchen and tiny TV room."


The Carpet Court Style Collaborators also opened up their space by removing walls and installing stacker doors. In doing so, the transition from their yard and pool to inside their home became seamless. 

Brad and Lara's Byron Bay home. Image: Depth Field Photography.


"[The] connection was critical for us and our lifestyle, especially given the climate here in Byron," she explains.

There were many features the couple choose that they loved, but Lara admits what she appreciates most is admittedly the most "cliche". 

"We love our white and timber coastal interior look," she says. "Living close to the beach, the interior of our home was always going to be 'beachy' – we wanted it to be light, bright and make the room feel spacious so that it could stand up to family living."

Brad and Lara's Byron Bay home. Image: Depth Field Photography.


She added: "Last year when we completed the major renovation, we replaced all the flooring which has completely brightened up our home and changed the entire look and feel."..

Lara says she has a special love for her large windows and blinds. 

"We also love the amount of natural light that we get through our big windows, particularly in the living room. Windows play an important role in opening up a space – from letting in natural light to drawing the eye upwards or towards the outdoors – so how they are dressed needs to be carefully considered," she explains.

Brad and Lara's Byron Bay home. Image: Depth Field Photography.


"We used Veri Shades because we loved how elegant and sophisticated they looked, while also giving us privacy protection and airflow control for those warm and windy days in Byron Bay."

Brad and Lara had already renovated a few homes by the time their Byron Bay abode came along, but Lara says there are always lessons to be learnt. 

Brad and Lara's Byron Bay home. Image: Depth Field Photography.


"[We learnt] to always take your time to plan out the specific areas and their uses," she says. 

"It’s also important to not rush straight into a renovation without first living in the property to get a feel for how the light works at different times of year, where you congregate the most and what isn’t working well so that you know to fix it."

Brad and Lara's Byron Bay home. Image: Depth Field Photography.


It's been 10 years since we met Lara and Brad for the first time on 2012's The Block (Brad competed again, two years later on The Block Fans vs Favs, alongside Dale Vine). Since then, the pair have achieved... quite a bit. 

"I went back to work as a PE teacher and Brad returned as a fitter and turner in the mines," Lara shares. "[But] after a few years, we bought a pub – The Maryville Tavern. And of course it needed a reno."

Then... the pair got married, Brad competed on The Block Fans vs Favs, and they had their two sons.

Image: Instagram @bradandlara_theblock.


Lara hopes to take a year off to caravan around Australia in the future, although she's yet to bring Brad around to the idea. 

"It might take a bit of convincing," she says. "Brad isn't the biggest camper! [But] it would be amazing to explore all that Australia has to offer."

The couple are also making plans to renovate the exterior of their home and dream of adding a "major extension" – although it could be up to five years until that reaches completion. 

As for if we will ever see Brad and Lara on The Block again? The answer remains undetermined. 

"Brad loved the challenge and I’m 40 per cent no... but a 60 per cent yes," she tells Mamamia. "It is seriously the hardest thing you will ever do but if you do it right and put in the work, it is also the most rewarding experience.

"You have to go in with an open mind if you want to enjoy the whole experience – money can’t just be the motivating factor. You don’t need that extra pressure as well!"

Feature Image: Instagram @bradandlara_theblock.

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