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A house may not sell, and everything else we know about The Block grand finale.

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The Block has undoubtedly made its mark this year – from the enormous builds to all the unbelievable drama.

In 2022, the renos that the Blockheads have had to undergo have been the biggest we've ever seen in Block history and while it's been an exciting season, it's been a hefty – and almost impossible – challenge to carry out for the contestants. 

Understandably, fans are more than ready for the auction episode to see how their favourite pairs perform.

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"This is by far the toughest season that I’ve ever worked on. We upped the ante with the biggest blocks ever, and very harsh country weather conditions," the show's host Scott Cam told TV Black Box

"To their credit, our Blockheads have produced some stunning five-bedroom houses on 10 acres each – they’ve really built the country dream for five lucky Aussie families."

"Anything can happen on auction day, but we’re gunning for them to each take home some money. They all deserve it after this year’s slog."


Here is absolutely everything you need to know ahead of The Block grand finale.

Following a terrible auction result for The Block NZ, contestants are terrified their homes won't sell. 

The Block New Zealand's auctions aired in October and the episode left the contestant's shocked. 

And that's because the auction results were, in short, devastating. The winning couple made $4,000 in profit over their reserve while the pair in second place earned just $76. 

The other two homes didn't sell. 

For those competing in The Block Australia, the realisation that a similar situation could play out is scary.

"It's terrifying!" Rachel, who renovated House Two on The Block with her husband Ryantold Now To Love. "It's your biggest fear of the entire process realised."

Sarah-Jane, who is half of the House One team alongside her husband Tom, has similar feelings. 

"When I heard about the New Zealand auctions and the very low-to-no cash made, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach," she said.

"That would be heartbreaking... We just have to hope buyers see the dreams we've all created and want to make them their reality."

Tom and Sarah-Jane reveal their auction order strategy for The Block

Tom and Sarah-Jane received the highest score for The Block points and as a result, they'll get to pick which house goes where when it comes to the auction order.

While the pair have made strong relationships with the other contestants, they've made it clear they're putting themselves first.

"At the end of the day it's a game, and we've got to look after ourselves so we'll just see what our agents recommend closer to the auction and just run it that way," Tom explained to 9Entertainment.


Tom and Sarah-Jane on The Block. Image: Nine.

Their game plan won't be shared until the episode airs, but the contestant says there are at least "20 different ways" to decide the auction order. 

"There's no right or wrong way," Tom explained. "It all just comes down to hopefully putting yourself in the best possible position, and hopefully a couple of people fighting over your house, so that's all you can do."


Sarah-Jane said their house will either go "second or third in the auction order – that won't change."

Tom said they're keeping in mind that their greatest friends from the show are also their biggest threats.

"We'll do our best to keep them in mind, but at the same time if our agents for some reason say, 'They're your biggest threat, you've got to put them in this position', we'll go with that too," he admitted.

"It's a game and we know our friendships are genuine with Rachel and Ryan and Dylan and Jenny... [and] they know it's a game."

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When will The Block finale air?

The Block auction episode will air on Sunday, November 6 at 7pm. 

This grand finale episode will reveal the all-important auction order and reserve prices before the bidding begins. 

Where can I watch The Block 2022 finale?

The Block: Tree Change finale will be available to watch on both Channel 9 and 9Now for those watching in Australia.

What is the prize for the winners of The Block?

The winners of The Block: Tree Change will not only take home whatever profit they make over their reserve price on auction day but also an additional cash prize of $100,000.

Since the show premiered in 2003, it has awarded a total of $28,771,471 in prize money.

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