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Everything we know about Leslie and Kyle, AKA the 'Green Team', from The Block.

The cast of the long-awaited 19th season of The Block has just been unveiled, leaving us eagerly anticipating all the details, like when our eyes will be able to feast on the new season.

Five dynamic couples will come together to collaborate on the construction, styling, and sale of the season's set of charming homes inspired by the nostalgic 1950s era, nestled within Melbourne's vibrant inner Bayside suburb. Viewers will be treated to a captivating journey of renovation, competition, and all the dramatic twists and turns that accompany it.

This new season of The Block takes a delightful trip down memory lane, immersing us in the retro charm of the 1950s as these iconic homes undergo a remarkable rejuvenation. It's an exhilarating twist that promises a fresh and unparalleled viewing experience.

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Video via Channel 10.

While we eagerly await the official announcement of the air date, let's delve into the fascinating world of the 'Green team' and acquaint ourselves with the couple who will bring their distinctive vision and boundless creativity to The Block's canvas.

Meet Leslie and Kyle from The Block:

Image: Channel Nine.

Let's meet the remarkable 'Green Team'.


Travelling all the way from Western Australia, we have Kyle, a 36-year-old firefighter, and Leslie Cottone, a 34-year-old teaching aide and devoted parent.

As the couple who have travelled the farthest for the competition, they arrive with a burning desire to showcase their skills and make a lasting impression. Adventure fills the air as they eagerly dive into the new season, ready to roll up their sleeves and embrace the challenges, all while being away from their beloved children.

With their expertise and determination, Kyle and Leslie are primed to create something truly extraordinary. 

So get ready to be entertained by their awe-inspiring build as they push the boundaries of design and construction. 

The Block will likely air in mid-August, so check back then for all the updates.

Image: Channel Nine.   

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