Dylan and Jenny finally sell their house, and everything else that's happened since The Block finale.

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The Block wrapped up late last year in a dramatic finale that had us feeling precisely seven million emotions. 

After three long months of watching contestants Tom and Sarah-Jane, Omar and Oz, Rachel and Ryan, Ankur and Sharon, and Dylan and Jenny renovate houses in Victoria's Macedon Ranges, Omar and Oz walked away with the biggest profit in The Block history. 

Thanks to serial Block bidder Danny Wallis, the friends sold their house for an eye-watering $5,666,666.66, securing $1,586,666.66 in profit and $100,000 in additional prize money. 

However, the auction episode left many fans feeling disappointed (and yelling at bidders on their TV screens) when Tom and Sarah-Jane's home sold for $4,100,000.99, leaving them with just $20,000.99, the lowest profit of the night. 

The bad news kept on coming when Ankur and Sharon and Dylan and Jenny's houses failed to meet the reserve and were pulled from the auction to sell at a later date.

Here's a rundown of everything that's happened since the emotion-filled auction. 

Jenny and Dylan 

Whilst Ankur and Sharon were saved by Adrian Portelli - Jenny and Dylan were not so lucky. 

Over a month on from the finale, the pair who renovated House Four still hadn't sold their property.

"We’re still in the same position as when we left The Block," Dylan told Nine.


"We did have a few people keen a few weeks ago, but we’ve heard nothing since then," Jenny added. "Honestly, it’s crazy that it’s still on the market. We just don’t know whether we’re going to make nothing, or if we could make $10,000 or $100,000."

Jenny and Dylan on The Block. Image: Nine.

But on Monday, the house finally sold under private treaty to a "lovely family" for an undisclosed amount.

"We can confirm House 4 has sold on The Block: Tree Change in Gisborne, in what is a positive outcome for everyone," a Nine spokesperson said.


"Dylan and Jenny's house is now a much loved property for a family who were impressed with the high standard of the build, and incredible views of the Macedon Ranges so close to Melbourne.

"All five properties on the most ambitious build in the history of The Block have now been sold."

'Dummy bidder' Adrian Portelli buys Sharon and Ankur's house.

In a twist that precisely no one expected, Adrian "Lambo Guy" Portelli bought Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra's house.

According to the Daily Mail, Portelli - who you may remember as "Lambo Guy" because of the car he rocked up in - has bought the home for $4.25 million and plans on giving it away... for free.

"Well, this is going to rustle some feathers… Someone’s winning one of The Block houses," the 33-year-old businessman captioned an Instagram post with photos of House Three following the auction episode.

"A lot of Australia doubted the man however Adrian has gone and bought Ankur and Sharon’s House Three and one of you lucky buggers is going to win it! Where are the naysayers now?"

Portelli also included a link to go into the draw to win the property.


The Block fans start GoFundMe for Tom and Sarah-Jane.

After Tom and Sarah-Jane's house failed to sell for more than $20,000 over the reserve price on The Block, fans went on a mission to show the pair "what the Aussie spirit can do" and made a GoFundMe in their name. The intention, the post read, was to raise the money that the pair 'rightfully' deserve.

"Tom and SJ deserve a lot more for the efforts they put into building their house on The Block," the description read.

"Their positive attitude and willingness to call it as it was made them an instant show favourite. Let’s show them what the Aussie spirit can do and help raise funds to make a difference, set their family up and make the 12 weeks worthwhile.”

While the goal for the fundraiser had been listed as $1,586,670 - $25 in total was raised before its removal.


The pair told supporters not to donate, calling it a "scam".

"Hey guys… We just found out that someone has set up a GoFundMe page for us," she said. "That is not Tom and I.

"It’s a scam, Channel Nine are trying to work on getting it taken down. It is definitely not us, do not be sucked in."

Image: Instagram @sarahjane91.

She added that they’re "grateful for what [they] have" and don't plan to use a service like GoFundMe in the future.


"It’s to help people that are in really s**tty situations and that’s just not Tom and I," she continued. "We’re in a good situation... So, not us. Spread the word!"

Omar and Oz address "unfortunate" rumours following their record-breaking win.

Omar and Oz sat down with A Current Affair and addressed the rumours surrounding them once and for all. 

The pair, who took home over $1 million in profit during auctions, defended themselves by saying they had put in the work.

Omar and Oz on A Current Affair. Image: Nine.


"We put in work, not only the build, we put in work afterwards, as well. We reached out to so many people, we were non-stop, so hard work does pay off," Omar said. "I feel like it happens in this country a lot. You do so well and the next day you're trying to justify why you won."

He added: "It's unfortunate because we do deserve it and we did so well."

Listen to The Spill, where hosts Laura Brodnik and Mel Mason discuss some of The Block controversies. Post continues after audio. 

Nine reportedly made millions on auction day.

While The Block may have had contestants going home without a sizeable paycheck (or without a paycheck at all), reports say Channel Nine made $19 million in profit.

Even though one of the five homes in the Macedon Ranges didn't sell, the TV mainstay still made an eye-watering amount, according to So Dramatic.

Jenny could be returning to The Block... as a tradie.

After Jenny from House Four of Season 18 on The Block became a quick fan favourite, reports began to emerge that producers for the show were considering her as next season's 'Lady Tradie'.

Woman's Day reported The Block has seen a lot of support for Jenny and as such, are considering the apprentice carpenter for the role. 

Image: Nine.


Bidder Adrian Portelli shares selfie with Omar and Oz... and Tom and Sarah-Jane.

Omar and Oz were undoubtedly celebrating their record-breaking auction win after making a profit of over $1.6 million in prize money. 

Adrian Portelli celebrated with them despite being the losing bidder on The Block episode as on Monday, he shared a selfie with the boys while they were relaxing in the pool. 

Image: Instagram @adrianportelli.


But the photo was not entirely innocent as in the corner of the photo, Tom and Sarah-Jane are pictured on the TV. 

While we're unsure whether it was meant to poke fun at the couple or a harmless coincidence, the pair didn't respond to questions about the photo.

Tom and Sarah-Jane will sell their car after walking away with the lowest profit of the night.

After walking away with $20,000, fan favourites Tom and Sarah-Jane shared they have decided to sell the Ford Ranger they won during Landscape Week on the show.

Reflecting on their 'disappointing' auction result in a post on Instagram, the couple wrote, "Unfortunately for Tom, we will sell the Ford and we will be walking away with $100,000, so no complaints from us."

"Even if we walked away with nothing, we had the experience of a lifetime and it's something we can tell our grandkids about. Are we disappointed? Sure, but nothing is ever guaranteed and at this point I think we’ll be fully over it by Tuesday. There are bigger issues in the world."


The pair also thanked fans for showing them "so much love and support" during their time on the show. 

Bidder Adrian Portelli hits back at rumours surrounding Omar and Oz's win.

Things kicked off incredibly quickly for contestants Omar and Oz during the auction episode.

As the first contestants to go to auction, the friends watched on as a bidding war broke out between buyers, including Danny Wallis and a man named Adrian Portelli, who Omar and Oz knew. 


However, since the finale, Portelli, has been accused of being a fake bidder planted in the auction to drive the price up. 

Shutting down the rumours, Portelli shared a post to his Instagram Stories on Sunday night, stressing he was a "genuine buyer". 

"For everyone questioning the legitimacy of the auction, I was a genuine buyer with every intention to purchase that property," he wrote in the post.

"Nobody is to blame for what happened. It’s an auction. If you’ve got two people that genuinely want the property, a bidding war will happen," he continued.

"I’m happy to show my bank account for anyone that suggests these were dummy bids."

Instagram @adrian_portelli.


Other fans came to the defence of Omar and Oz on social media, hitting back at claims the auction was "dodgy" - a label the friends have spoken up about during the show and how it can trigger racism due to their ethnicity. 

"It's very easy to go to House 2... and say he's dodgy and it probably won't trigger anyone watching it from home, but if you say it to a Lebo or an Afghan or someone of complete different colour and culture, it's very different," Omar said on the show. 

The Block host Scott Cam also addressed speculation that Portelli was a 'dummy bidder' on Fitzy and Wippa on Monday morning.

"No, he was keen on the house. And then it went too high, and he pulled out," he said when Wippa asked for his opinion. 

"But having said that, I had someone suggest that to me. And I don't know that at all about the dummy bidding. But if the boys organised a dummy bidder to push that up to five million, well, that's a strategy isn’t it? And it's an auction. And of course, if Danny had stopped, then he would’ve had to buy the house. So that’s not a dummy bidder; that’s a bidder."


Omar and Oz also responded to the rumours, telling Fitzy and Wippa Portelli was willing to pay over four million dollars for the house. 

"We actually reached out to a mutual friend [who] suggested that he might be interested, and he wanted to come have a look at the house. And when he did come, he absolutely loved it," Omar said on the show on Monday morning.

"At the end of the day, he [was willing to pay] $4.5 million. If Danny doesn’t show up, he buys the house for four and a half million, and we [would’ve] walked away with $420,000."

"But when Danny came in, everyone seems to get out of the race after that."

"I probably spent too much."

Multi-millionaire Danny Wallis walked away with three houses from the auction after buying Omar and Oz's, Tom and Sarah-Jane’s, and Rachel and Ryan’s properties. 

However, after dropping a staggering $5,666,666.66 on Omar and Oz's house, Wallis admitted he probably overpaid.

"I probably spent too much at the first auction, but was surprised to pick up two more homes at what I feel was a bargain price, so I guess it all evened out in the end for me at least," he said, according to news.com.au.

Former contestant Josh Packham calls out "unfair" show. 

Former Love Island and The Block contestant Josh Packham, who came second in last year’s season alongside his twin brother, has weighed in on the show and called the auction "crazy". 

"To walk away with nothing, or close to nothing, after giving up three months of your life and working so hard... I couldn’t imagine it. Major condolences to those three couples," he said in a video shared on his Instagram Stories Sunday night. 


"Obviously, Channel 9 got it wrong. They were looking for too high of reserves in this current market. They should have known it was too high for what it is in Gisborne. If you’re going to spend that much, you at least want privacy, you don’t want to see other houses, so they got that wrong too."

Image: Instagram @packham_pear.

 Packham, who renovated one of only two houses that were not bought by Danny Wallis last year, went on to call the show "unfair", saying teams need Wallis to win.

"It’s not really a fair competition anymore – it’s about what Danny Wallis is looking to purchase. He’s very important to the show. He bought three properties on our season, and if he didn’t bid on them, they could’ve gone for way closer to the reserve, so he did a huge favour for our season," he said. 


"But it’s sort of becoming an unfair competition now because there’s a recipe – it’s very obvious if you want to win The Block, you need Danny Wallis to bid on your house, and you need a very strong underbidder."

Have the other houses on The Block sold?

So far, Ankur and Sharon and Dylan and Jenny's houses haven't sold, Scott Cam confirmed on Fitzy and Wippa.

"We're negotiating. And we'll do that for two weeks and take our time. I'm pretty confident that we're going to get, you know, maybe $4.2 or $4.3 million. But that doesn't help Tom and Sarah-Jane," he said. 

We know Rachel and Ryan's house was formally passed on to Danny Wallis who bid at $4,050,000.50 when they failed to reach the reserve. He later agreed to raise the price to $4,249,800.85 after a private negotiation, securing the couple a profit of $169,800.85. 

We can only hope the other two couples enjoy similar results when their houses sell.

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This article was published on November 7, 2022 and was updated with new information on February 14, 2023.

Feature Image: Nine.

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