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Danny Wallis has spent over $40 million on The Block houses. This is what he does with them.

Eighteen seasons of The Block have come and gone, including The Block: Tree Change which saw five teams tackle 10-acre properties in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria. 

Big homes, show stopping room reveals, and lots of drama are part and parcel of competing on The Block. 

But in recent years, there's been a new feature on the reality show that all Block fans have come to know - and that is Danny Wallis, the mysterious businessman with lots of money to spend. 

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In previous years, Wallis has spent almost $30 million on Block houses. And on Sunday night's episode of the show, he added $14 million worth of real estate to his portfolio.

Here's everything we know about The Block's Danny Wallis. 

Who is Danny Wallis?

Danny Wallis is an IT entrepreneur who founded the information communications technology services company DWS Limited in 1991. 

In September 2020, DWS was bought by Indian tech giant HCL Technologies for $126 million.


Despite being a prominent figure on The Block, Wallis told the Herald Sun in 2020 that he felt the auctions are "slow" and "stupid".

"I’ve never been at an auction where people get five minutes think time," he said.

Danny Wallis on The Block 2022. Image: Nine.

He later told FOX FM in 2020 that he doesn't do a thorough inspection of the homes either and only really tunes into the show on Sunday nights for room reveals.


"I don’t actually like going in a lot of houses I buy, because I don’t like seeing what people live like. I just buy them on the outside," he explained. 

That all changed in 2021 when he was invited on to The Block to inspect the properties and in 2022, he checked out Omar and Oz's home. Despite labelling the Venetian plaster as "dirty", he broke The Block records when he purchased the pair's home during the auction on Sunday night.

Danny Wallis with The Block winners, Omar and Oz. Image: Nine.


What houses has Danny Wallis bought from The Block?

For three consecutive years, Wallis has jumped in to bid on houses on The Block, but we first came to know him in season five of the show when he bought a South Melbourne house at 403 Dorcas Street. He let the Ronald McDonald House Charity use it for several years before he sold it in 2016.

Here is every house from The Block that Danny Wallis has bought:

Season Five

The Block Season Five. Image: Nine.


Mike and Andrew Jones on The Block Season Five, 2012.

Home: 403 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne.

Bought for: $1.4 million.

Season 15

The Block Season 15. Image: Nine.

Mitch and Mark on The Block Season Season 15, 2019.


Home: The Oslo on Grey Street, St Kilda.

Bought for: $3.374 million.

Season 16

The Block Season 16. Image: Nine.

Sarah and George on The Block Season 16, 2020. 

Home: 360 New Street, Brighton.

Bought for: $4 million.

Daniel and Jade on The Block Season 16, 2020. 


Home: 360 New Street, Brighton.

Bought for: $3.8 million.

Harry and Tash on The Block Season 16, 2020. 

Home: 360 New Street, Brighton.

Bought for: $4 million.

Season 17

The Block Season 17. Image: Nine.

Mitch and Mark on The Block Season 17, 2021.


Home: Bronte Court in Hampton.

Bought for: $4.4 million.

Kirsty and Jess on The Block Season 17, 2021.

Home: Bronte Court in Hampton.

Bought for: $4.1 million.

Tanya and Vito on The Block Season 17, 2021.

Home: Bronte Court in Hampton.

Bought for: $3.8 million.

Season 18

The Block Season 18. Image: Nine.


Omar and Oz on The Block Season 18, 2022.

Home: House Five in the Macedon Ranges.

Bought for: $5.66 million.

Tom and Sarah-Jane on The Block Season 18, 2022.

Home: House One in the Macedon Ranges.

Bought for: $4.1 million.

Rachel and Ryan on The Block Season 18, 2022.

Home: House Two in the Macedon Ranges.

Bought for: $4.24 million.

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Does Danny Wallis keep all of his The Block houses?

While Wallis rents out the majority of the properties he has bought on The Block, the millionaire businessman is also a keen philanthropist. 

In 2020, he bid on all five Block houses and eventually walked away with three of the five properties at a total cost of $11.8 million.

He's received criticism for buying up The Block homes - especially during the show's most recent auction where viewers slammed Channel 9 for making homes only millionaires could afford. 


However, Wallis has been adamant about handing some of the homes he has purchased over the years to charities, including Ronald McDonald House and My Room Children's Cancer Charity.


In 2020, he confirmed he would donate Daniel and Jade's property to My Room Children’s Cancer Charity.

"The My Room Children’s Cancer Charity do so many wonderful things for sick children and their families, and they will benefit so much from having access to Daniel and Jade’s amazing home," Wallis said in a statement to Nine.

"It is made extra special for me because I know Daniel and Jade have been through so much with their daughter Isla over the years [who has a rare chromosome disorder], in and out of hospital, and they will understand just how important the house will be for My Room and all the incredible work they do for sick children and their families."

He also lent a home he bought in season five of The Block to the Ronald McDonald House for free until he sold it in 2016.

He did the same for Tanya and Vito's house in 2021. 

While it is unknown what he plans to do with the houses he bought in this season of The Block, Wallis did admit to "probably" overpaying for Omar and Oz's modern country home. 

"I probably spent too much at the first auction, but was surprised to pick up two more homes at what I feel was a bargain price, so I guess it all evened out in the end for me at least," he told

Feature Image: Nine.

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