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Everything we know about 'Blue Team' Gian and Steph from The Block.

Giddy up Blockheads, the cast of the 19th season of The Block has finally been announced and we want to know everything! 

As five couples team up to build, style and sell '50s-inspired homes, located in the inner Bayside suburb of Melbourne, viewers at home get ready to watch on as the drama unfolds. 

Watch the trailer for FBoy Island. Story continues after post.

Video via Binge.

This year it seems we are winding back the clock and getting ready to reinvigorate five homes that were built in the 1950s, something we haven't seen on The Block yet.

So while we wait for an official air date, let's get to know the couple behind the Blue team.

Meet Gian and Steph from The Block:

Image: Channel Nine.

Gian and Steph are a team seriously made for this competition.

Gian works in accounting, whilst partner Steph is the owner and architect at SjO Architects. This combination will probably prove very useful, as Gian will likely assure there aren't too many financial issues as we've seen many couples face in the past. Whereas Steph will be able to tackle the practical planning and design of the home.


The Block will likely air in mid-August, so check back then for all the updates.

Image: Channel nine.   

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