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Attention Blockheads: It's time to meet your judges for upcoming season of The Block.

Psst! This just in, we know exactly who will be judging our Blockhead contestants in the upcoming season of reality hit The Block, and yes we can confirm there will be some very familiar faces returning. 

What's even better is that we've also heard on whispers along the grapevine that we could be welcoming a newbie, who will be whipping our wannabe chippies into shape.

Another little twist before we get stuck into it: if you're a fan of the 50s you're in luck because the new season will see us heading back in time. As confirmed in a teaser trailer, we're officially winding back the clocks and stopping in the land of diners and jukeboxes for a retro nostalgic 50s-inspired season. 

Five couples will renovate and refurbish their allocated mid-century homes, which are all located on a charming street in Melbournes Bay Side suburb. 

Watch the trailer for MasterChef 2023. Story continues after post.

Video via Network 10.

Unfortunately, many of the details including the show's air date are still under wraps, but based on previous seasons we'll likely be seeing this on our screen around mid-August.

So in the meantime, let's get to know everything we can about the faces that will be running the show this season.

The Block 2023 judge, Shaynna Blaze.

You've likely seen her face before as the iconic Shaynna Blaze is a renowned Aussie designer with over 30 years of experience in the industry and a well-admired TV personality and businesswoman.


Shaynna founded Blank Canvas over 15 years ago, with the vision of creating tailored interiors for her clients that brought their design dreams to life.

Since then she has gone on to become an author and an advocate, showcasing that this woman is both creative and driven.

We're excited that Shaynna will be returning for another season of building magic. 

If you're interested in checking her out on socials, you can do that here: @Shaynnablaze


The Block 2023 judge, Darren Palmer.

Darren has an innovative eye like no other, which is why he's regarded as one of Australia's top Interior designers and likely why Darren will also return for another season of The Block.

Since starring as one of the judges on the widely popular program, Darren has gone on to create his own homewares range, which you can shop at Myer.

If you're interested in checking out what Darren gets up to in his free time, or like us want to grab some interior tips for yourself, you can do that here: @darrenpalmer

The Block 2023 judge, Neale Whitaker.

Originally from London, Neale has had a vibrant and successful career in the publishing industry, having started working in food magazines, he swiftly became a lifestyle expert.


After working for a plethora of big lifestyle titles such as The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living Section, Vogue Entertaining and Travel and a back catalogue of exciting food-related content Neale scored the role as the 'stylish judge' on The Block.

If you're interested in his style (whether it be fashion related or in the interior space) you can check him out on socials here: @nealewitaker

The Block 2023 judge, Marty Fox.

Real estate tycoon, Marty Fox is the Co-founder and Director of WHITEFOX Real Estate, not to be confused with the fast fashion label.


Fox's involvement in the show is no coincidence, as Judge Neale Whitaker announces a step back. Fox's as an addition will add a little selling/buying expertise, which makes logical sense given the price they sell for.

If you're keen on checking out his work, you can find him here: @martyfox01

So if you're a Blockhead and want to stay in the loop, then check back for all the latest details about the upcoming season.

Image: Getty + Mamamia.

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