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Why, from the very beginning, this season of The Bachelor was never going to work.

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In retrospect, we should have known what would become of this season of The Bachelor.

We began with a novelty: A former professional athlete with an established profile. Nick Cummins, known affectionately as ‘The Honey Badger’, was the loveable larrikin who epitomised what it was to be a Good Aussie Bloke.

But the novelty, which at first appeared genius, came with a fatal flaw.

Cummins was never chosen because of his appeal to women. This season was predicated on his appeal to men.

As male viewers sat on the couch and laughed, “I wouldn’t mind getting a beer with that guy,” the women wondered, “What am I not getting?”

Indeed, this season found a new audience. But it also lost its old and loyal one.

It would be a mistake to think The Bachelor franchise is about the women on our screens falling in love with the man who holds all the roses. That is simply a bonus.

The show is far more about the women at home falling in love with the man who holds all the roses – and on this season, most viewers likely wouldn’t take up the offer of a second date.

This has little to do with Cummins the person and everything to do with how the season has been manufactured.

It feels as though we’re sitting at a dinner table, and Cummins is looking over us for the nearest man to exchange a ‘bit of banter’ with.

What worked about Sam Wood, Matty J and even Tim Robards, was that they were not boy’s boys. They appeared to actually like the company of women.


To reiterate – that is not to say Cummins doesn’t.

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But whistling at a woman when she arrives on a date, referring to them as ‘birds’ and telling dirty jokes is not content aimed at women.

It is content aimed at men.

The archetype of the rugby playing, ocker, alpha male, brings with it another characteristic most women are familiar with: A guy who doesn’t really like hanging out with women all that much.

Perhaps the producers are playing to it. We’ve seen numerous dates where the conversation has fallen silent, Cummins unable to find any common ground with an adult woman. Unless they’re willing to tackle him, throw themselves on an ice rink or play a bizarre game of golf soccer, the chemistry is noticeably absent.

Now we’re left with four women and very little emotional attachment to the outcome.

For all the talk about ‘opening up’ and ‘being vulnerable’, Cummins has done neither. At times it feels like we’re watching a one man stand up routine, with a few women lurking in the background.

Given the conversations we’ve seen have lacked any emotional depth (perhaps with the exception of Brooke) it’s difficult to imagine Cummins having a meaningful relationship with any of them.

Ultimately, we’ve been left feeling as though the real winner here is The Honey Badger’s profile – only amplified by the presence of his commercials in the ad breaks.


With one week left, maybe The Bachelor can win us back.

All it has to do is start addressing the women sitting at the table.

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