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The Bachelor's Dasha has laid into Nick Cummins' "confusing" behaviour on the show.

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So it seems Nick Cummins may have fallen into a trap too many men – and women – find themselves in while dating: telling people what they want to hear.

That’s according to booted Bachelor contestant Dasha Gaivoronski, who told Now To Love that the Honey Badger was a “completely different person” when around her, compared to how he presented himself to the other girls.

“Everyone else had a different experience and the things he was saying was really confusing,” she told the website.

Dasha said, for instance, Nick told some girls he wanted to “settle down” right away, but told another he wanted to go travelling for five years first.

“I think when he spoke to each of the girls; he was saying whatever they wanted to hear,” she offered.


The 32-year-old personal trainer said Nick’s behaviour at the cocktail parties could also be confusing, explaining he had a go-to line for avoiding chats.

Dasha said Nick would tell a woman “I’m on a really tight schedule”, then go talk to another person in the house.

“It was such a small phrase but he used to say it all the time,” she said, adding it “wasn’t nice to hear”.

Dasha, along with 25-year-old dance teacher Emily Diben, were sent home without a rose in Wednesday night’s episode after Nick expressed concern to the camera at keeping the mum away from her son Leon.

It’s now down to the final four women: Cassandra Wood, Brooke Blurton, Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley, who will each take Nick to see their hometowns on Thursday night’s episode.

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