The clue that suggests none of the Bachelor contestants end up with Honey Badger.



We have another Bachie clue and we’re waving it around at the office like Alisha with a group date card.

If there’s one thing we love about The Bachelor, apart from the way it gives our sad lives meaning for a few blissful weeks, it’s the friendships forged by the women in the house.

This season we’ve already farewelled Romy, Cat and Alisha, who shared an unbreakable bond over their love of being horrible, but there’s another group of gal pals remaining and they may have just revealed a MASSIVE clue.

A clue that suggests none of them win.

Because nothing unites women more than being dumped by the same guy, right?

Cassie, Britt and Sophie sat down for an interview with The Saturday Telegraph and we honestly think there’s no way they’d be this friendly if one of them had actually ended up with Nick.



“No man is going to get between us and our new friendship,” Britt said during the interview.

“Yes we are all there for the same reason, to find love, but this wasn’t a competition for us.

“In the end this experience was like being on a holiday with my girlfriends and finding a holiday romance at the same time.”

The three besties then shared stories about how they’d help each other get ready for single dates; ironing each other’s clothes, borrowing each other’s jewellery and doing each other’s makeup.

“These two girls were my rocks in the house. I couldn’t have gone through this without them,” Cassie added.

“Watching the first couple of weeks was hard, seeing how I was portrayed. But I don’t have any regrets because I have made two amazing life long friends.”

Look that’s all very sweet, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are shocked, confused and upset by this information because we were convinced Britt was the winner.

Not that Britt (we wish).

At least we now know it's Brooke.

Or could it be someone else? Or no one at all? And what is Brooke's secret? And who on earth will read out the group date cards now that Alisha is gone?

So many questions.