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'The producers pull them aside': What really happens behind the scenes on The Bachelor dates.

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When it comes to reality dating shows, there’s a lot we don’t see.

From the long hours spent filming group and single dates to the endless hours the Bachelor contestants spend killing time in the mansion, there’s bound to be countless moments we miss.

But now, thanks to an eagle-eyed fan, we’ve gained a little extra insight into just what goes on during single dates on The Bachelor.

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Speaking to HIT’s Stav, Abby and Matt yesterday, a woman named Antonia has shared her insights after she spotted Nick and Sophie on a single date in the Hunter Valley.

“I think it’s interesting watching the actual date happen because you do see them sitting there chatting and then one producer will talk to one and pull the other aside,” she told the radio hosts.

“And then they’ll go back to the date, and then the producers pull them aside individually,” she added.

Well, that definitely doesn’t sound intimate…

“Definitely you can see there’s quite a connection there,” Antonia said about Sophie and the Honey Badger. “But it’s hard to know how real it really is when you are watching it.”


Sophie and Nick are expected to go on a single date in an upcoming episode as the Bachelor travels to the girls’ home towns.

Writing for Mamamia back in 2015, former Bachelor contestant Natalie Sady shared the harsh reality behind the reality dating show.

“The show is not scripted,” she said.

“But people are put into very contrived and controlled situations and then filmed. You mix those situations with the deprivation of anything outside of production, and having every emotion heightened and you end up with this TV show that people can’t seem to turn away from,” she added.

“There are sometimes numerous takes, because the cameraman missed something, or you did something unexpected.

“It’s interesting filming a romantic moment that isn’t so romantic when one of you is dying to pee so badly that they are in pain, but you need to get the shot.”

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