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FLYINGDALE FLYER December 30, 2019

Mariah.I have a great range and voice. Tarja Turinen, Hold my beer

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 30, 2019

We tend to use the word heroes too much and apply it to sporting achievements etc.To me the three People who died fighting the most horrible fires embody that word in spades.All sympathies to your families and I hope their heroism can be acknowledged in a more public way

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 30, 2019

Articles like this make elopement seem like a mighty fine option

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 28, 2019

thrasher is a song by Neil Young.One of the lines in that songs is "Down the windy halls of friendship".This article bought that line to my mind

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 26, 2019

Still worries me that women love this dross

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 23, 2019

Still see women doing everything for their sons

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 22, 2019

I must move in different circles as last year the only place i saw women wear such things was on this page.Surely women are more intelligent than to blindly go out and copy such things.maybe not as Ive said before get a kardashian to wear it and some women will flock to it.

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 22, 2019

We know exactly why she moved in

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 19, 2019

Yes all the presents and the parents trying to pump enthusiasm into kids who tear open the paper look quickly at the present and get to the next present as the discarded paper forms a paper mountain whose only competition is the growing pile of stuff that will mostly end up in next months landfill

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 18, 2019

In my daughters class one warning second time the phone gets taken for the lesson

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 16, 2019

This will be well and good until a Muslim cleric says something to offend the shock jocks and their listeners then people will realize that the bill said religious not christian which is what most think it means

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 15, 2019

Nothing you do at Christmas will please her, so please yourself

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 14, 2019

I think that the advice rhat dare not be spoken is that you put your partner first.I mean if we are serious about the marital viws ut says forsaking all others

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 12, 2019

Or be like the conservative media and blame the greens for it all

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 12, 2019

Shorthand for lives in the cellar of his mums house

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 12, 2019

Blood is not always thicker than water just as those you consider family dont have to be related to you

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 12, 2019

Not always possible with a narcissist

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 11, 2019

Having lost the gay marriage argument it would seem that conservative medias new obsession is with trans people

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 7, 2019

maybe but I like what she has had to say and perhaps making us shrug off our lethargy as regarding this important matter

FLYINGDALE FLYER December 7, 2019

These sort of men never seem to have a shortage of willing women to dive into bed with them and breed with them.They are dirtbags but their spiel seems to work