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Why The Bachelor contestants are struggling to connect with Nick Cummins.

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He’s known for his dad jokes and wacky turn of phrase, but Nick Cummins’ distinct sense of humour may just be holding him back.

Ex-bachelorettes Cat Henesy and Alisha Aitken-Radburn each told they found it hard to connect with the Honey Badger on The Bachelor. And both pointed to Nick’s inability to make small talk as the reason why.

Cat explained she was too distracted trying to translate the former rugby player’s constant jokes to get a good banter going.

“Even if you’d try and talk about something important … he’s like, ‘you know it’s like the kookaburra on the edge of the gumtree and the field when it rains’,” she said.

“And you are sitting there going like, ‘so do you like going bushwalking?'”

Alisha and Cat (pictured with Romy) didn't find Nick's jokes especially funny. Image: Ten

Alisha, meanwhile, said she was disappointed that their conversations didn't "go deeper".

"Honestly, with the humour and stuff, I still would have thought that might be a thing but then there is more substance or he’d go deeper with the humour — it’s pretty basic."

"There were no deep discussions."

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It's worth noting, of course, that these comments are coming from two contestants booted from the show. It seems like at least a few of the bachelorettes are able to get past the jokes and enjoy normal conversation with the Bachie.

Last week on his sketch artist date with Brooke Blurton, Nick was able to ask thoughtful questions about her past.

And if past Bachelor seasons are something to go by, we'll see a lot more of Nick's serious side as the show progresses. Then again, maybe we won't.

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