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1. Married at First Sight’s Sam Ball shares his “disappointment” with his bride.

His wedding may not have aired on Married At First Sight yet, but Sam Bell is already sharing his thoughts on his TV bride Elizabeth Sobinoff.

Speaking to WHO magazine, the 26-year-old tradesman admitted that he was “disappointed” when he met his bride-to-be at the altar.

“When I saw her, I was shocked as I wasn’t really attracted to her – and she seemed a bit pretentious,” Sam said.


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Sam, who also works part-time as a model, also shared that he wasn’t happy that his wife couldn’t dance or cut the cake at the wedding.

He also admitted that Elizabeth failed to impress his family too.

“I didn’t like the way she didn’t address my family. I didn’t like what she said at the vows,” Sam added.

Well, we can’t wait to see this wedding go down.

2. The parenting issue that Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky just can’t agree on.

Proving they’re just like a regular married couple (phew) – celeb duo Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have lifted the lid on one parenting issue they just don’t see eye to eye on.

And we suspect the parents out there can relate (to Elsa).


Speaking to Australian Women’s Health magazine, the mother-of-three said Chris absolutely hates it when she tells off their children in public.

But sometimes you… have to, right?

“Everybody here, when they tell off their kids, they’re like (mimics whispering), but we are totally opposite,” she said.

“We are loud and sometimes Chris gets really embarrassed. He’s like, ‘Stop it, everyone’s looking at us’,” she said of the Thor star.

The couple, who live in Byron Bay, have three children: six-year-old daughter India Rose and four-year-old twin sons, Tristan and Sasha.

And they’re pretty blood cute:


3. Turns out Ben Fordham had to ban Karl Stefanovic from giving a speech at his wedding.

We all cringed hardcore at the horrific Married at First Sight best man speech involving a very NSFW story about masturbation, right?

It was the stuff of wedding nightmares. And it was on TV. Yikes.

Karl Stefanovic and Ben Fordham. Images: NITV and Channel 9.

Well, this morning, former Today show presenter Ben Fordham revealed he was almost in the same situation, but decided to ban the wildcard mate from speaking altogether.

And that mate was none other than Karl Stefanovic.

Speaking on Talking Married, Ben shared he gave Karl a hard no when he asked to speak at his 2011 wedding to newsreader Jodie Speers, because he knew it would have led to, well, a sh*tshow.

“When Jodie and I got married, Karl Stefanovic was saying to me for months leading up to the wedding ‘Do you want me to MC?’ I said ‘No, no, no!’” he recalled.

“Would anyone in their right mind allow Karl Stefanovic to MC your wedding? No! That’s madness!”

He went on to say Karl was too much of a “loose unit to do a job like that” and instead opted for “a sensible, reliable guy to do the job”.

Yeah, good call Ben.


4. “Cried over MAFS.” Laura Byrne is feeling her pregnancy hormones right about now.

Pregnancy hormones are tough.

Former Bachelor star Laura Byrne has shared how her pregnancy hormones have brought her to tears this week.

"The world's most hormonal woman right now," Laura wrote on Instagram.

"Crying over MAFS!" she added.

Us too, Laura, us too.

laura byrne

But it's not just Married At First Sight leaving Laura in tears.

"I also cried watching Bondi Rescue. What of it," she admitted.

Laura is expecting her first child in June with Matty J, who she met on the fifth season of The Bachelor Australia.

5. MAFS’ Ning just explained the real reason she was so mean at her wedding.

Last night, Married at First Sight viewers watched as 33-year-old Ning sabotaged her own wedding.

It would seem that when Ning feels nervous, she becomes very… mean. Forever.

“I’m just here for the food and drinks,” she yelled at her groom, 41-year-old Mark, seconds after meeting him at the altar.

At the reception, the mother-of-three lamented the fact she wouldn’t just be able to “block” Mark on social media when she decided she didn’t like him.

“I was just saying I can’t block you like on social media. That’s what I do — I block people in my life. If I’m not keen, I block.”


To find out why she was so downright mean on her wedding day, check out our earlier post here.

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