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YES PLEASE: Here's where to follow all the Married At First Sight contestants on Instagram.

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It’s nearly here.

In just a few days, 20 strangers – who’d like to increase their Instagram followers – will get married on national TV.

Yep, Married at First Sight returns on Sunday, January 28.

There will be tantrums.

There will be judge-y mother-in-laws.

There will be at least one partner swap.

To help you prepare for the glorious trash that’s MAFS Australia, we’ve rounded up all the participant’s Instagram accounts:

Cyrell, 29, NSW


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Got over the black hair !

A post shared by Cyrell (@cyrelljimenezpaule) on


According to Cyrell’s official MAFS bio, her TV groom will need her Filipino family’s approval.

So, of course, they’ll hate him.

Oh and she’s trying to move on from cheaters… so he will definitely cheat on her.

Martha, 30, NSW


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Selfie #16,467

A post shared by Martha (@marthaa__k) on


Martha’s Greek family wants her to settle down because she’s been single for six years.

She’ll probably be matched with a commitment-phobe who does a runner in the first episode.

Lauren, 31, NSW


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Romantic weekend away to #paris with my lass @m_jyoung ???? #notredameparis

A post shared by Lauren (@laurenhuntriss) on


Lauren’s a country girl so she’ll probably be matched with someone who lives in the heart of Sydney.

And they’ll have a fight because he won’t be able to milk a cow.

Jessika, 26, WA

Jessika is a part time model and a party animal.

Her soon-to-be husband will probably be quiet and reserved.

Jules, 36, NSW


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A post shared by Jules (@julesrobinson82) on


OK, Jules looks like she’s going to be a lot of fun.

She’s approaching 40 and would like to have kids now pls.

Ines, 28, QLD


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A post shared by Ines (@innnnnnes) on


Ines fled Bosnia with her family in the 1990s.

She’s looking for someone who is not a… d*ckhead.

Heidi, 38, QLD


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Shit’s about to get real

A post shared by Heidi (@heidslatcham) on


Heidi’s a radio announcer who’s definitely going to get a good gig after this.

Elizabeth, 27, NSW


Oh yes.

Elizabeth’s going to be the one who causes all the drama.

She’s been described as headstrong, which means she’s definitely going to do a shout and storm out at least once.

Melissa, 38, NSW


Melissa hasn’t had sex for eight years.

This is not going to end well.

Ning, 32, QLD

Ning is a single mum-of-three.

The producers will definitely orchestrate a situation where the groom finds out about the children through his best man or something.

Nic, 27, NSW


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Me and Buddy boy. Always had my back and I have his! Love you Buddy! #Boxer #Buddy #Doggo

A post shared by Nicolas (@nicccj) on


Nic likes doggos, working out, and taking selfies.

Mick, 31, QLD


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Go away for a few days #nekminnit #moreforrowdytodo

A post shared by Mick (@mick_gould86) on


Mick is a farmer so he’ll be matched with someone who lives in Sydney or Melbourne and has no intention of moving.

Plus, she’ll be terrible at herding the sheep and that’ll be funny.

Dino, 34, WA


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Be KIND to Every KIND ????????

A post shared by Dino (@dino_hira) on


Dino likes to meditate and appear on dating shows.

This will be his second reality TV appearance, after a stint on First Dates.

Mark, 41, Vic


Mark has never said “I love you” to a woman so he thought he’d tried to do it on national TV. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Matthew, 29, QLD

married at first sight 2019
Image: Channel Nine.

Matthew grew up on a reclusive cult family farm and is still a virgin.

He doesn't have Instagram.

Sam, 26, NSW


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Main event today was perfect

A post shared by Samuel (@who_is_samm) on


Sam was once on Home and Away and thinks women are intimidated by his good looks.

Mike, 43, QLD


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#hairlesscat #cuteanimals #smile

A post shared by Mike (@mikekangaroo) on


Mike is sensitive and nice. They're going to do terrible things to him.

Michael, 27, VIC


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Tubing Hero #Laos #stranded

A post shared by Michael (@mbrunelli) on


Michael's new partner will have to fit into his large Italian family.

There's definitely an overbearing MIL in this.

Bronson, 34, WA


Bronson is a former stripper-turned-circus-performer-turned-entrepreneur.

One time he went on Australian Ninja Warrior and now he's on a slightly more competitive show.

Cameron, 34, NSW

Cameron used to play cricket. Now he goes on reality TV shows to find love.


We can't wait for Sunday night.

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