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Married at First Sight's Ning just explained the real reason she was so mean at her wedding.

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Last night, Married at First Sight viewers watched as 33-year-old Ning sabotaged her own wedding.

It would seem that when Ning feels nervous, she becomes very… mean. Forever.

“I’m just here for the food and drinks,” she yelled at her groom, 41-year-old Mark, seconds after meeting him at the altar.

Watch Ning and Mark’s very awkward conversation at the altar. Post continues below. 

Video by Nine

At the reception, the mother-of-three lamented the fact she wouldn’t just be able to “block” Mark on social media when she decided she didn’t like him.

“I was just saying I can’t block you like on social media. That’s what I do — I block people in my life. If I’m not keen, I block.”


Ning then made an off-handed remark about family, which was met with Mark singing “We Are Family,” which Ning did not like. At all.

“DON’T SING,” she demanded, and while a valid position to take, you can’t just tell a man he’s not allowed to sing at his own wedding, Ning. 

'It's such a disadvantage for me.'

But the hairdresser has now provided an explanation for why she was so mean to Mark on television last night and it's... inadequate.

Ning told Talking Married that it was "12 degrees at the time," and thus she was very cold.


While she did "cringe" at herself watching back, Ning believes the temperature was mostly to blame.

"It was just a big experience away from my children. Marrying this complete stranger. It was 12 degrees at the time. And you know, in Townsville, 25 degrees, I need to wear a cardigan."

That seems like a far-fetched excuse but we'll allow it.

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