The most excruciating part about Married At First Sight's Jo being dumped. 

Since she rocked up to her mystery wedding wearing bejewelled thongs, Married At First Sight bride Jo Mcpharlin has held a special place in the hearts of the show’s viewers.

She’s loud and brash, with a laugh you can’t miss. The kind of woman who would always be up for a wine (or beer) and a chat. She’s a devoted mum and romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve.

So it was with a glass shattering shriek that we saw Jo, OUR JO, dumped by “husband” Sean.

It was too much heartbreak for a Sunday night.


During the couples' first commitment ceremony, both Jo and Sean were honest to each other about their coupling falling short of what they hoped for. Just Sean was a bit too honest.

"It's been basically friendship. I've seen Jo's caring side, I've seen the way she is with her kids on the phone and you know that she loves them to bits. She is ridiculously funny, and, you know, she can drink, she can drink me under the table, so that's saying something. So, we've had a blast," Sean told the experts.

"We haven't even had one fight. So, other than the fact that there's no romantic spark and all that sort of stuff, she's been perfect."


Watch the moment Jo reacts as Sean decides to leave:

Video by Channel 9

Jo said she had hoped they would progress past friendship.

"Everyone does, everyone is in this experiment for love. It's hard to explain why there is no spark. Like, we get along like a house on fire. We just can't ignite that fire."


Sean then shared his decision.

"Well, obviously, I was really, really keen to see if we can find something... but... I don't want to stuff her around. This wasn't a decision I really wanted to make. And I chose to leave. OK."

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Jo's face fell - and ours with her. She revealed she'd said 'Stay'.

The worst part? Jo is now forced to spend at least another seven days with a man who has made it plainly clear he does not want to be with her. She's been dumped and because of the bizarre MAFS universe rules, CANNOT LEAVE.

"Can I change my decision, because I'd love to go?" she asked the experts.

"If I knew that was his decision, I would have said the same thing and I would be home with my kids tomorrow. Now I've got to sit here for another week with someone that doesn't want to be here with me."

The people were not happy.


As usual, Jo didn't hold back about how she was feeling.

"Something in my gut said, if I just give it a chance, if I just hang in there, something might change. You know, I had the tiniest bit of hope," she said.

"Like, I had the fairytale wedding. I had all my dreams come true, all I wanted my Prince Charming at the end of the day. Made me feel this big. You're a douche bag."


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Crying on Sarah's shoulder after the ceremony, Jo berated herself for being "so stupid".

"I honestly didn't think that he would say 'leave'. I was 100 per cent blindsided by it," she said.

Australia is here for you and loves you (and your statement thongs) Jo.

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