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fightofyourlife April 15, 2021

Why wasn't a urologist consulted for this article, rather than a gyno? Some of this advice conflicts with the advice I was given by my urologist. I saw her several years back, when I was experiencing recurrent UTIs. 

fightofyourlife April 11, 2021

"Sources say he instead dug a hole in his Sunshine Coast home and buried USB drives full of evidence inside a pink plastic children's lunchbox."

Sounds like totally normal behaviour from a completely innocent person. 🙄

fightofyourlife April 8, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I didn't get the impression that she was surprised. Disappointed or a bit sad, perhaps.

fightofyourlife April 3, 2021

The main thing I took away from this is that Ansel Elgort, one of the worst actors I've ever had the misfortune of watching, has been nominated for a Golden Globe. 

fightofyourlife April 3, 2021

I knew this was going to be an incredibly wrong list when I saw that you have toothpaste-flavoured eggs at the top and then cemented that opinion when I saw Lindt white chocolate and creme eggs right at the bottom. 

Turkish Delight are in their rightful position, so I can agree with you there. 

fightofyourlife March 29, 2021

@mamamia-user-228828311 No but I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. There's a lot of media I wouldn't show to young children. It doesn't mean that media shouldn't exist. It means it's my job as a carer to those children to minimise/eliminate their exposure to it. 

fightofyourlife March 24, 2021

I have like 25-30 pairs of undies. There's no way I wear any of them frequently enough that they need binning within 6 months. 

fightofyourlife March 23, 2021

"You didn’t ask for their opinions so they can f*** off"

She literally asked for their opinions when she put up a poll? 

fightofyourlife March 11, 2021

Minimum wage is just under $20 an hour, so you should be paying your babysitter at least that. They are keeping your children safe. How is that not worth at least $20 an hour to you?

I haven't done any babysitting in years but in my late teens/early 20s, I did a fair bit. I can confidently say I fairly earned what I asked for and more. I think I was undercharging. It was 20 years ago, so my rates aren't relevant these days but I know I was worth more than what I asked. I did my job very well. 

fightofyourlife March 8, 2021

@lachy8 There's no need for a subscription to Ezibuy. Just go to the website. 

fightofyourlife March 8, 2021

It would have been great to see this kind of energy from Julie Bishop when she was in Parliament. Where was this attitude when she was complaining about Julia Gillard "waging a gender war" and saying nothing about the sexist abuse she endured while in office?

fightofyourlife March 7, 2021

@guest2 Except just saying "woman" is very broad. Most women are cis women but some are trans. "Woman" encompasses both kinds of women. If we need to specify that we mean women born with female anatomy who still identify as women, what word would you suggest we use?

fightofyourlife March 6, 2021

@guest2 So explain why you feel that way and what term you feel would be better. Like it or not, sometimes it's necessary to differentiate and "cis" is a quick way to do that. 

fightofyourlife March 3, 2021

@guest2 This is true as well. It's very easy to make yourself look a certain way on social media without it actually being accurate. 

fightofyourlife March 2, 2021

Perhaps I'm just not very ambitious but I don't feel any pressure at all to be a high achiever. I do my job and I try to be a good person and that's enough for me. It appears to be enough for everyone who knows me as well, because I've never felt like anyone thinks I should be doing more. 

I see articles about women who have achieved great things and I think "good for them" but I don't feel like I need to emulate them. I would find it exhausting to try, so I don't. 

fightofyourlife March 1, 2021

Okay but what information does the colour of the tag give you that you can't get from just reading the tag? The bread with the red tag was made one day before the bread with the white tag and the expiry dates show that red is going to expire one day before the white. Isn't it easier to just check the dates, rather than trying to remember what colour means what day?

fightofyourlife February 24, 2021

Can any drinkers explain to me why standing up and drinking is such a desirable thing? Every day in the NSW Health posts, there are people complaining that they can't stand up and have a beer. What's the big deal? Why is the easing of this particular restriction so exciting?

fightofyourlife February 23, 2021

@guest2 Sure, it would be great if parents could do a lot of things. How do you plan to force them to do it? It's not the sort of thing you can legislate, so what's your solution?

fightofyourlife February 18, 2021

@mamamia-user-236023277 Sure, lots of people do. I follow the ABC News, SBS News and the Guardian pages on FB and until yesterday, got the vast majority of my news through those sources. It was convenient, because I already check FB in the mornings, so I'd get the headlines at the same time. 

fightofyourlife February 18, 2021

I understand very well how lucky I am that I can do what I want with my free time. It's one of the reasons I don't have kids or a partner - I want to be selfish with my time and not have to feel guilty about it. 

I just roll my eyes at that one but the "you don't know what tired is!" and "I didn't know what love was before I had a kid" are the ones that really bother me. So insulting and condescending!

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