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fightofyourlife August 2, 2021

@gypsy Excuse me, no, how do we "deserve" this? 

I live in Sydney. I essentially put myself in lockdown as much as I could before Gladys even announced the initial soft lockdown of the first 4 LGAs, because I felt she was acting too slowly. I have followed all the rules to the letter and then some. The only time I leave my suburb (which has had fewer than 5 cases for this whole outbreak) is to go to work, a few suburbs over, where there have been NO cases for the whole outbreak. I have been to the supermarket once for the entire period of lockdown. I wear a mask whenever I'm outside of my home, despite the fact that there is no mandate for outdoor mask-wearing (in my LGA, anyway). I haven't even set foot in a cafe to pick up some takeaway. I know many people here who are behaving in much the same way. 

How dare you tell us we all deserve this? 

fightofyourlife July 29, 2021

Yes! I've been waiting for Kevin Can F**k Himself! A couple of these others look interesting too. 

fightofyourlife July 29, 2021

I don't have compassion for people who clearly do not have compassion for anyone else. I have family members and friends who still are not fully vaccinated and have to go out and risk coming into contact with reckless people like these numbskulls. My young students and my little niece - all under 12 - will not be able to be vaccinated for many months to come and these idiots are risking all of their lives. 

I'll save my compassion for the innocent people who will be affected by this selfish act. I have none for these protestors. I have no time for a single one of them. 

fightofyourlife July 28, 2021

I'm 40 and most of my friends are around the same age. I don't know anyone who has had any sort of injectable or other cosmetic procedure. Is it really that uncommon? I don't think I've ever seen anyone at all in real life who looked like they'd had a procedure like that. I live in Sydney too, so it's not like I live in the middle of nowhere where these kinds of things aren't easily accessible. 

fightofyourlife July 28, 2021

I naturally (and somewhat reluctantly) turned into a morning person in my early 30s. I just stopped being able to sleep past 7 and often wake up under my own steam well before then. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed. I'm used to it now and quite like being up early, especially if I have nowhere to be, but I do feel like my sleep suffers sometimes when I can't sleep in, even if I'm tired or sick. 

fightofyourlife July 13, 2021

It seems like Chloe is being more than fairly compensated for this job. There are jobs that are much more difficult (physically, mentally or both) that are not paid nearly so well. 

fightofyourlife July 13, 2021

Assuming you don't want to share accounts, you can always subscribe for a month, watch what you want, cancel/suspend your subscription and subscribe to something else. I know plenty of people who do that. 

fightofyourlife July 12, 2021

@katp That's what Gypsy is saying. "No chanting or singing except for religious purposes"...but what other situations can you think of where people regularly chant?

fightofyourlife July 10, 2021

@guest2 Nope. Teachers are essential workers and, here in NSW at least, are required to turn up at school every day, even during a lockdown, but are not included in any sort of priority group. I fortunately turned 40 shortly after Pfizer opened up to 40+ and got vaccinated due to my age and nothing more. 

If I was trying to book in for Pfizer at this point, I would be waiting until at least September for an appointment. As for AZ, many GPs will not give it to you if you are under 60. If you are over 60, I believe it's quite easy to get an appointment for AZ. 

fightofyourlife July 10, 2021

It seems really weird to say drinking going down among young people is not "wholly good". It is absolutely a good thing. There might be other things going on with young people that are concerning but it's not like the addition of alcohol would make those things any better or remove them entirely.

I'm hoping Dr Pennay was just taken out of context because I thought that was a very strange thing to say. 

fightofyourlife July 9, 2021

@cat So what is your alternative then, if you don't think we should jump straight to lockdowns because it's bad for business, particularly with Delta? What can we do to prevent the spread of a virus that can be transmitted after mere seconds of contact, in an almost completely unvaccinated population? We knew that could happen very early on too, with one of the first infections of the outbreak. 

A harsh lockdown at the beginning could have prevented the need for a longer one now. That would have been better for everyone, including businesses. Gladys acted too slowly and we are now all paying for it. You need only look at the other cities which had Delta spread, all of which have been able to open up again. The difference? They all locked down hard and early. 

Bill Bowtell and Mary-Louise McLaws are two experts I can think of who were calling for a lockdown before Gladys announced one, so it's absolutely false to claim the experts are only just coming out now. 

fightofyourlife July 9, 2021

@guest2 What rock have you been living under? Plenty of people have not even had the opportunity to receive one dose, let alone two. I've had one, which gives me a fairly low amount of protection until two weeks after my second, when I'll reach maximum immunity. Excuse me if I don't feel particularly comforted by that. 

fightofyourlife July 9, 2021

@cat No, it was not reasonable, because we know that the Delta strain is far more transmissible. How many of those people currently in ICU, including a 20-something on a ventilator, would be there if Gladys had acted more quickly?

I'm sure it's very difficult for business owners to have snap lockdowns but unfortunately, they will have to be a fact of life until we have a significant proportion of the population vaccinated. I don't know what anti-lockdowners or people who are reluctant to lockdown expect to be done instead. Nothing else works. I don't want to have a virus running rampant through the community just so people can keep their businesses going, sorry. The consequences of that are too great. 

fightofyourlife July 8, 2021

The cost of a service like this is conspicuously absent from this article. 

fightofyourlife July 8, 2021

@guest2 Well, yes, people should do a lot of things but they don't. It's why we need actual restrictions, not just Gladys's "pretty please don't go out!" strategy. 

It's all well and good for people to say "don't go out if you're scared" but not all of us have that as an option. I'm an essential worker. I have to go out and risk coming into contact with these people who have been gallivanting all around Sydney. 

fightofyourlife July 8, 2021

@gypsy There's an argument to be made for more shops than just food and chemist shops to be left open (hardware stores, for instance, at least for tradies - I think they did that in Melbourne during their big lockdown) but I agree. Many shops are open that there is absolutely no need for. We're not supposed to leave home except for essential reasons but I can run out to buy a new pair of shoes or some DVDs, because the shops that sell them are open?

fightofyourlife July 7, 2021

@reannon Gladys was too proud to admit it was getting away from her. We were the state who didn't need lockdowns and she was always banging on about how great she was compared to the other premiers. She chose her ego over the health and safety of her constituents and I hope they don't forget it at the next election. I certainly won't. 

fightofyourlife July 5, 2021

I  had a six month free trial of Binge. Content selection was decent. I liked The Undoing and The Flight Attendant and I watched a couple of true crime series that were good too. But it was absolutely the worst app of any streaming service I've tried though. No closed captions, extremely shaky connection with Chromecast and a terrible search. Tubi, a completely free streaming service, has a better app than Binge!

fightofyourlife July 4, 2021

@cat The fact remains that it is the rule and she broke it. If people want to campaign for that rule to be changed, then they can and should but until that change is made, the rule needs to be followed. Sha'Carri knows and has accepted this. 

fightofyourlife June 29, 2021

Years and Years is amazing but a word of warning - it's also incredibly bleak. I watched it at the beginning of Covid last year, when I was really not in a great headspace for it and it was not the greatest decision. It was good, so I felt like I had to keep watching...but I should have saved it for a few months down the line, when I was feeling better mentally. It just amplified all the anxieties I was already having due to the state of the world at that time. 

So if you're in a bit of a highly anxious state at the moment, I wouldn't recommend it.