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fightofyourlife October 30, 2023

I almost exclusively wear t-shirt bras, specifically to avoid this look. thanks. 

fightofyourlife September 21, 2022

@kelloneill I first heard the story on an episode of Just the Gist (Rosie Waterland's podcast). If you're interested, it was a good listen!

fightofyourlife August 21, 2022

I started early. I didn't turn 5 until mid-May. It never bothered me and I didn't have any issues due to my age from K to 12. Where I grew up, parents sent their kids to school as soon as they could, so although I was almost always the youngest in my class, there were other kids only a little bit older than me. 

It really is an individual thing though. As a teacher, I have come across more than one kid who simply was not socially or emotionally ready to be at school. Boys seem to have a tougher time than girls. Parents in my area seem to prefer holding their kids back until the year they turn 6, so the younger ones are often in a very small minority. The difference can between them and their older peers can be quite stark. 

fightofyourlife June 29, 2022

The big twist of Stranger Things S4P1 was spoiled for me and I was turned right off watching it. :\ 

I'm very excited about The Resort though! I love both Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper and can't wait to see them in this. 

fightofyourlife June 11, 2022

You're just pondering this now? Kim and her family have been spreading toxic beauty messages for years. 

fightofyourlife May 28, 2022

This Is Going To Hurt was great! It was turned into a TV series recently and I really liked that as well. 

fightofyourlife May 24, 2022

@hopey Or you could just try to keep it down instead of getting passive-aggressive in response to what was a fairly polite note. They're in an apartment building - they have to consider whether their noise levels (whatever they're doing) are bothersome to their neighbours. 

fightofyourlife May 24, 2022

Being sex-positive doesn't mean you have to be okay with your neighbours having loud sex while you're trying to get some sleep. Weird take. 

fightofyourlife May 24, 2022

I think a lot of people are just tired of this franchise, honestly. I used to watch The Bachelor. Then I'd just read recaps. The last couple of years, I haven't even done that. I doubt I'm the only one who's just lost interest entirely.

I don't know if the US viewing audience is totally different to Australia or if the producers there just know how to spice things up to keep people hooked. They have had 26 SEASONS of The Bachelor there. 

fightofyourlife May 1, 2022

I don't really consider "geographical friends", as this article calls them, to be friends at all. I might be friendly with them, I might really like them as people but if I'm not going to hang out with them outside of work, uni or the gym (lol at me being in a gym), then they're not a friend. I wouldn't consider someone a friend until they've made that leap from being someone I am friendly with because we share the same space to someone I go out of my way to spend time with.

Maybe this is my intense introversion talking. I don't really have casual friends - just close friends. 

fightofyourlife April 23, 2022

@snorks What motivation would he have to do that? Voting him back in tells him that he's doing fine already. 

fightofyourlife April 22, 2022

How is there a whole article on the concept of "wasted votes" in an Australian federal election without a single mention of preferences? 

You cannot "waste your vote" in Australia. You could vote 1 the absolute biggest idiot on the ballot and you still wouldn't have wasted your vote. If your candidate doesn't win, your vote goes to whoever you numbered second. Then third, fourth and so on. As long as your vote is a valid vote, it will count and it is not "wasted". 

fightofyourlife April 9, 2022

@sharma llama ding dong Mamamia readers are not necessarily representative of the population as a whole. The majority of the women who voted in this survey may have voted Labor at the last election. 

fightofyourlife April 9, 2022

Only 73.8% of women have decided who they're voting for but 74.3% know they won't be voting differently than last time? How does that work?

fightofyourlife April 4, 2022

The isolation of household contacts is one of the last remaining measures we have to contain this thing. And the rules for household contacts are already too lax...and these people are complaining about even those? I'm honestly sick of hearing about how hard it apparently is to follow the rules when we have hardly any even left. 

The reason "mental health walks" aren't allowed is because people cannot be trusted to stick to just that. Plenty would think "oh well, I'm already out. No harm popping in for a coffee or ducking into the shops". 

fightofyourlife April 1, 2022

Sorry, Jessie, but you are incredibly naive if you believe Olivia's claim that there were unaired apologies. The others on MAFS have reportedly been told to go easy on her in interviews, specifically to protect her mental health and yet, not a single one of her castmates has come out and said she apologised. That's including her weak-willed "husband" who never called out her behaviour in any meaningful way. If she'd apologised, Jackson would be the first to take it and run with it, as proof he's not in love with a horrible person. 

I don't want Olivia to be a broken mess of a person but honestly, she is now having to sleep in the bed she herself made. She shouldn't be getting death threats (no one should) but the criticism she's receiving is a natural consequence of her actions. What I would like is to see her take some accountability for her actions. I do want to see her apologise to Dom and Jack. The behaviour was public, so the apology should be as well.

fightofyourlife April 1, 2022

@rbk LOL, what is it about Olivia that makes you think she's "well-meaning"? 

fightofyourlife February 11, 2022

@megan_deng195 Yes but when you're saying "I'm not attracted to Asians - it's just personal preference", what you're implying is that all Asians look alike. It's not like saying you like brown eyes or you prefer taller men. There are Asians with light skin and Asians with darker skin. There are Asians with narrow eyes and Asians with wider eyes.. Tall Asians and short Asians. How can you say you're not attracted to ANY Asian person?  What specific feature are you talking about? All of them? Unlikely, seeing some contradict each other. The only conclusion left is that it's the actual race of the person that is turning you off - the mere fact that they are Asian. 

General you, not you specifically if it wasn't clear. 

fightofyourlife February 7, 2022

@simple simon These sort of attitudes - at least expressed out loud - are not ones I come across very often at all. Maybe I would if I hung around with a lot of people with high-flying corporate jobs but my friends and acquaintances are mostly teachers, social workers, nurses and care workers. 

fightofyourlife February 4, 2022

"I would just like to clarify so that I can still go shopping again: I have absolutely no qualms about retail," she said.
Yeah, she just won't date them or introduce them to her friends, because they're still beneath her. They're the help, essentially. She'll be polite to them when she needs them to serve her in a shop but they're not good enough to be part of her social circle. 

She can say what she likes now but it doesn't change the words that came out of her mouth. To paraphrase, she said she would be embarrassed to introduce a retail-working partner to her friends, because that's not where she is in her life and they couldn't possibly live up to or understand her ambition or stress.