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fightofyourlife January 26, 2021

@cat Of course. It's always a different story when they don't like what's being said.

Conservatives claim to love freedom of speech but they all seem rather oblivious to what it actually means (hint: it's not that you get to say whatever you want and no one else gets to say or do anything in response). 

fightofyourlife January 26, 2021

@guest2 Why is this always the response of conservatives whenever someone is criticised for their opinions? No one is preventing Margaret Court from speaking, as she proves every time she shoots her mouth off. 

The rest of us are just as free to give our opinions on whatever she says and to call for her to not be given great honours as a result of what she says. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences of that speech. 

fightofyourlife January 18, 2021

@gu3st Victorians, yes, and also any of the Australians stranded overseas right now, who would love to be sitting in hotel quarantine. 

fightofyourlife January 16, 2021

Definitely creepy! It would make me think twice about entering a place where I had use a manual sign-in. I think I'd try to find another place, if possible. I'm not keen on anyone who enters a particular store having access to my phone number. 

I hope this guy is still feeling weird about this and that it's enough to stop him from trying this with someone else in the future. 

fightofyourlife January 16, 2021

I just finished watching Bump a couple of weeks ago and I have no memory of the character Esha at all. Am I that oblivious or was it a really small part? Talia was a pretty small part too but I do remember her.

fightofyourlife January 14, 2021

@cat From what I've heard, he has hurt people, including the woman who originally leaked these messages. He apparently ignored the boundaries they had set and her use of safe words. Emotional and physical abuse was also allegedly the reason his wife left him. 

fightofyourlife January 6, 2021

Georgina Chapman has been divorced from Harvey Weinstein since 2018. 

I don't think I'd ever seen Serena Williams' dress before now. She looks beautiful and I love the cape but I'm struggling to understand how it's worth almost $5 million! Is that really the price for just that one dress or is it for all three dresses together?

fightofyourlife December 19, 2020

They shouldn't be allowed to see people on Christmas Day either. The virus isn't going to take a break for Christmas. Infections are going to skyrocket after Christmas now. 

I understand it's really hard to think about not seeing our families at Christmas - I'm in Sydney and am facing the possibility of that myself right now - but we all have to do our part. We are so close to that vaccine (and the UK is even closer, seeing the program has already started there) - why let things get worse now?

fightofyourlife December 3, 2020

@guest2 Excellent, I really enjoy Stephen Fry, so I'll keep an eye out for those. Thanks! 

fightofyourlife December 2, 2020

Short stories help me out of my reading slumps. Or something non-fiction but relatively light - a Bill Bryson or Mary Roach book or a memoir from a comedian. I find I often don't have the attention span to follow a long story when I'm in a slump, so these kinds of books help me out. 

fightofyourlife December 2, 2020

@rush People have recommended Circe to me but I'm not sure about it. Do you think you need to know anything about Greek mythology to enjoy it? If not, I'd be willing to give it a go. 

fightofyourlife November 28, 2020

@kathp There are plenty of Christians who interpret the Bible differently than you do. The fact that you've never heard of them suggests that yes, you do need to get out more. 

fightofyourlife November 27, 2020

Some parents come into a restaurant with their kids and then proceed to ignore them completely. Doesn't matter if they're screaming their heads off, crawling under the tables or darting around getting in the way of the wait staff. They don't care. Everyone else gets to have their evening ruined, because these parents didn't want to/couldn't find a babysitter.

It's not all parents but it's enough that I can understand why some people cringe at the mere idea of a child in a restaurant. If you've had these sorts of experiences multiple times, it would be hard not to be a little disgruntled when you walk into a restaurant for a lovely meal and see a family seated right next to you. 

fightofyourlife November 27, 2020

@guest2 Those actors who can put "bums on seats" can only do so because someone gave them a chance and through that chance, they were able to build their profile and get bigger and bigger roles. There is no reason trans actors, actors with limb differences or autistic actors shouldn't be given those same chances. Right now, that's not happening. 

fightofyourlife November 22, 2020

@random dude Ever hear the saying "those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it"? Do you think it might have a teensy bit of relevancy here? 

fightofyourlife November 22, 2020

@guest2 That's not why Anne Hathaway apologised. She apologised because the witches in the film have only three fingers and the depiction looks quite similar to a real-life condition called ectrodactyly. This made some people with similar limb differences concerned that children watching the film would begin to associate having fewer limbs/digits with being "evil" or "bad". No one was blaming her. She apologised because she obviously has some empathy for other people. 

And Sia is behaving like a child, which is very unfortunate, seeing she's in her 40s. It's astonishing that anyone would find this sort of immaturity "refreshing". 

fightofyourlife November 19, 2020

I was a bit of an attention whore in primary school and I *loved* doing the responsorial psalm!

Could relate to all of these, actually, except the holy grass. What little grass there was at my schools (my second high school had *none*), we were allowed to walk on. Is this something that happened at the posh Catholic schools? 

fightofyourlife November 16, 2020

It's kind of...disappointing that he had to post a literal Nazi symbol in order to finally get cancelled. The batshit "health" advice, the anti-vax stuff, the 5G rubbish, the Covid-19 denialism (after he first tried to cash in on it with that $25K lamp, so we know how sincere the denialism is) and then the Trump/QAnon stuff wasn't enough, apparently. 

He's been showing us who he is for years now and too many chose to ignore it. 

fightofyourlife November 11, 2020

Kind of want to watch Secret Obsession now, not gonna lie. I'm notoriously bad about seeing twists in movies. I'm a screenwriter's dream, because I never see them coming. So I'm curious is this one is so bad that it will be obvious even to me. 

fightofyourlife November 11, 2020

@cat It's probably happened a few times. Has it happened enough that it necessitates an entire article bemoaning the practice, as if it's some sort of trend though? I truly doubt it. 

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