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fightofyourlife July 15, 2020


I think it would have been fair enough to say "we need the surgical masks and N95s for medical staff but we encourage the public to wear cloth masks or other face covering" but to say, "nah, we don't need masks"? How many people could have been saved from infection had masks been mandated or even just encouraged from the beginning?

fightofyourlife July 15, 2020

@rush Wow, I missed that part of the article! I would have thought so too. It's atrocious it's taken this long. 

fightofyourlife July 15, 2020

I don't know why they don't just go ahead and make masks mandatory now, at least in Melbourne and Sydney, where there is still community transmission. I think there are a lot of people who would wear one but won't until they're told they have to. 

A spokesman from the RCH said the workers are not connected with any work team

What does this mean?

fightofyourlife July 12, 2020

My GP is happy for me to stay on the pill until at least 40...which is next year. Quite frankly, I'm terrified to have to come off it. My periods made me anaemic, were very irregular and gave me debilitating lower back pain. The pill changed my life and I'm really worried about potentially having to go back to my old life, which was basically dictated by my period. If I follow my mum's timeline, I could be well past 50 by the time I'm done with menopause. 

fightofyourlife July 8, 2020

@rush I believe Kanye has admitted that he no longer takes his bipolar meds. It's very concerning. 

fightofyourlife July 7, 2020

@michael Yeah, I'm sure that's all. Nothing to do with the colour of the inhabitants' skin. 

fightofyourlife July 6, 2020

@michael Hmm, I wonder why immigrants from Norway and Denmark are okay by Pauline. 

fightofyourlife July 5, 2020

@guest2 Maybe not here at Mamamia but there have been some very nasty comments directed at regular Victorians on other sites. 

fightofyourlife July 3, 2020

@james b That says more about you than anything else. I would choose to work. 

fightofyourlife July 3, 2020

I have #6 already and have been considering making it my work bag. My current work bag is looking a bit shabby around the straps but this one seems more durable. 

fightofyourlife June 30, 2020

@Clare Thanks Clare, much appreciated! 

fightofyourlife June 30, 2020

I find it a little disturbing that at no point in this response do you acknowledge that this woman sounds like she doesn't actually want to do anal. And if she doesn't want to do it and doesn't find any of your reassurance comforting, she should feel no shame in telling her boyfriend no. No one has to do it just because their partner wants to. 

fightofyourlife June 28, 2020

@km Yep, exactly. And directing your ire at the entire state is also a bit harsh. The outbreaks are all in Melbourne. 

fightofyourlife June 28, 2020

I'm a bit over all these reality "stars" willingly signing up to these shows and then complaining when they think they've been edited poorly. Yes, this is how these shows work. They edit you to make the show more interesting. Have the past 20 years of television just completely passed them by?

fightofyourlife June 26, 2020

@hilly Just because you're "genuinely interested" in someone's heritage, it doesn't mean they're required to discuss it with you. Like the article says, you can ask "what's your heritage?" but accept whatever answer you're given, rather than pushing with "but where are you *really* from?" or "but what's your *real* heritage?"

fightofyourlife June 24, 2020

Were there people having an immense amount of trouble getting the last peanut butter out of the jar? It's never been very difficult for me. It seems like spinning the jar around on the counter several times would take longer than just...scraping the bottom of the jar with a knife?

fightofyourlife June 23, 2020

@james b Trump himself literally said he wasn't joking ("I don't kid" was his exact quote), so there goes your theory. 

fightofyourlife June 21, 2020

I'm incredibly introverted and shy and Kate's wedding sounds like an absolute nightmare for me. I don't understand why people are so obsessed with making people mingle when they don't want to mingle. People who want to mingle will do it no matter who they're seated with. Big events like weddings are difficult enough for the shy and introverted without being forced into awkward conversation with people you don't know very well.

fightofyourlife June 10, 2020

This is why I colour my own hair. I already pay $99 for a cut and blow-dry and can't justify adding $200+ on top of that, when all I want to do is cover my greys. 

fightofyourlife June 7, 2020

Doesn't even make nice salads, honestly. Any salad worth eating has cheese in it and you can't have cheese on a paleo diet. 

Anyway, at this point, I'm not sure if even media thinkpieces like this which are critical of Pete Evans are useful. I think they may even be dangerous. He and his followers have a real persecution complex and the endless media attention only confirms to them that they are being persecuted. 

He should be ignored and I mean completely ignored. No 60 Minutes interviews, no articles about him (even those criticising or mocking him) and no sharing his ridiculous posts on social media, even to laugh at him. Let him shout into the void about how no one wants to hear the "truth". He will quickly become irrelevant to everyone but his followers, who are not open to changing their minds anyway. They might come to the right conclusion on their own eventually but I don't think this is going to help. 

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