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fightofyourlife October 20, 2020

"The way it was explained to me was that women wouldn’t want to pay to see a movie or TV show if they knew they couldn’t have sex with the leading man," he said.
I don't doubt that Hugh was told this, because I've heard it from other actors, many, many times. It's so bizarre to me though, because personally, I've never imagined I had a chance of having sex with any actor, because where exactly am I going to even run into them? At all the industry parties I attend? All the film sets I'm invited to? I can count the number of famous people I've spotted in public on one hand and I live in the biggest city in the country, where plenty of famous people live. 

fightofyourlife October 12, 2020

"According to The Mirror, Kudo felt that the taxi driver's stories were reliable as each driver had started their meter. "

I'm not sure why this detail makes the stories reliable. It doesn't prove that the passengers disappeared when the drivers talked to them or when they arrived at their destinations. 

fightofyourlife October 10, 2020

@laura__palmer Yes, sorry, I misread your post! Your reply wasn't showing up for me when I posted. 

fightofyourlife October 8, 2020

@cat I'm not really especially concerned about examining that, because the way I feel physically tells me I'm not the right weight at the moment anyway. If I manage to lose the weight and I also look better for it, then that will be a bonus. 

Besides, I don't feel I have a strong reaction to the idea of not having to lose weight to look better. I think that can certainly be true. It's not true for me though and I don't like other people telling me how I should feel about losing weight. And while I accept that this isn't what the body positivity movement is supposed to be, people with those attitudes who associate themselves with the movement are common enough that I'm not sure you can say that they're not also a part of the movement. I would rather avoid the whole thing honestly, because the vast majority of it has just annoyed me.  I've heard of body neutrality and I feel like that would have more value for me, though it's not something I'm super interested in at the moment. 

fightofyourlife October 7, 2020

@laura__palmer I wouldn't call it a moral obligation, because I agree with Cat's take on that but otherwise, yes, all of this.

I have a huge problem with the body positivity movement's insistence that they can tell me how I'm supposed to feel about my body. I want to lose weight, both for my health and for my looks. I don't like how I look or feel right now. Those are my feelings and it's my choice to do something about it. Seeing I'm not trying to do it in an unhealthy way, I don't see why it should be anyone else's business. 

fightofyourlife October 6, 2020

"US President Donald Trump's physician says the president is experiencing "no symptoms" of COVID-19 after returning home from the hospital. "

What utter BS. I saw that video of him after returning to the White House. He was very clearly struggling to breathe. 

fightofyourlife October 2, 2020

We haven't lost our empathy. People just don't care that much about her having to cancel her wedding in Italy. Why would they?

She's allowed to feel disappointed that she had to cancel...but expecting empathy from others who might be out of a job, under lockdown, separated from their families, immunocompromised and at high risk from this virus or have family members who are very sick or have maybe even died from said virus is a bit much. Consider your audience. Rant to your friends about your wedding woes. They might care. Your wider Instagram audience probably has more pressing issues on their minds at the moment. 

fightofyourlife September 24, 2020

So..."not all Shore boys", in other words?

I just finished reading a very interesting Twitter thread from a former Shore student. He graduated 28 years ago and was subjected to "violent homophobia" (his words), including daily verbal and physical assault, for the three years he attended. I'm more inclined to believe that this sort of thing is ingrained in the culture of the school and Jack didn't notice (or is in denial about it) than to believe it happened 28 years ago, stopped while "Jack" was attending and has now started again.

But hey, maybe if this man on Twitter had joined the footy team, he would have had a better time at Shore. 

If anyone is interested, have a look at @metaning on Twitter. His thread is from September 24 (I would link but links sometimes get eaten by the spam filter). 

fightofyourlife September 21, 2020

There were never any accusations that Ellen had been unkind to big celebrities, so yeah, of course, they've had positive interactions with her. She wants them to come back on her show! How she treats those who she probably views as expendable - writers, assistants, crew, small-time celebs and non-celeb guests - is far more important to me. 

fightofyourlife September 16, 2020

I don't do anything to mine. I think I plucked a single hair out once, in my late teens, just to see what it felt like! There's nothing I would want to change about my eyebrows, so I just leave well enough alone. 

fightofyourlife September 12, 2020

@michael Oh, well, as long as he was nice to you, who cares about the multiple violent incidents in his past? 🙄

"Thrown on the scrap heap" is a very hyperbolic way to say "shouldn't be on TV any more". He can go and get a normal job like the rest of us. He doesn't deserve to be in a position of privilege or influence. 

fightofyourlife September 10, 2020

@michael I've made mistakes, as we all have, but I've never assaulted anyone. Are you telling on yourself here, Michael? Why are you so quick to jump to the defence of someone with multiple violent incidents in their past? 

fightofyourlife September 8, 2020

@guest2 It's not yet confirmed that the person's illness was a side effect related to the vaccine. The reason they've suspended the trial is so they can investigate to see if it was caused by the vaccine. 

fightofyourlife September 2, 2020

I know you warned us at the start that it made no sense but this video was even weirder than I was expecting. I don't know if I could have ever been adequately prepared for it. 

fightofyourlife September 2, 2020

@rush I didn't see it in this article but the judge was concerned that he wouldn't be able to get another job if he lost his job with the police and had a conviction recorded. 

So yeah, more concern for this guy's future job prospects than for the woman whose privacy and safety were violated in such an egregious way, by the very people she went to for protection. 

fightofyourlife September 1, 2020

I wash mine once a week and I genuinely cannot be bothered to do it any more often than that. It is such a process to dry it and style it so that it looks presentable. It's clean, I have no scalp issues, so I figure I'm good. 

fightofyourlife August 30, 2020

@snorks I agree but I don't think most people really think like that about movies. They just figure if they enjoyed it, it's a good movie and if they didn't, it's a bad movie. If it's genuinely the movie they have enjoyed least of all the movies they've ever seen, then yeah, it's going to be the worst movie ever, for them. And they're not really wrong - it's just not the way others might think about movies. 

fightofyourlife August 30, 2020

@guest147 They also seem to be tremendous sources of anxiety for some mothers. None of my friends have enjoyed their experiences with mothers' groups. If I was a mum, you couldn't pay me to attend a mothers' group. 

fightofyourlife August 30, 2020

@cat That doesn't mean everyone is going to like it though. 

I can accept Tarantino films are objectively "good films" but I don't actually enjoy watching them. So these days, I don't (though my sister keeps telling me she thinks I'd like Jackie Brown, so I may give that one a watch one day). 

fightofyourlife August 28, 2020

Mr & Mrs Smith was so awful. My friend wanted to see it, so I semi-reluctantly went with her. I hated it and couldn't wait to vent about it the second it was over. I was sure my friend had to be hating it as much as I was. Then when it finished, my friend turned to me and exclaimed "that was good!" Sigh. 

The worst movie I've ever paid to see was Savages though. I genuinely thought I hated Blake Lively just because of that movie. Turns out I don't mind her but her character in that is one of the most obnoxious ever committed to screen. Her two boyfriends in it are woeful actors. John Travolta was the highlight and I do not generally enjoy John Travolta.

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