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fightofyourlife December 4, 2021

@marajay Genuine question - do males in this industry do this though? Not worse - I know that happens - but this. Do they regularly slag off people who have worked with them in good faith and criticise the projects they were involved in? I can't think of one, nor can I think of any other women who've done it. 

I'm as horrified as anyone by Harvey Weinstein and his ilk but we're not really talking about comparable situations here. 

fightofyourlife November 10, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I don't have a partner but my mum, sister and I "track" each other on Google Maps. It's an anxiety thing for us, nothing to do with control or anything else. Calling wouldn't work for us because my mum is hard of hearing and she simply does not hear her phone ringing most of the time. But I can quickly check her location on my phone and be assured she's made it safely to wherever she's headed. 

Also, if I actually called my mum or sister every time I was worried about them, it would be incredibly annoying for them. Checking their locations is an easier, quicker way to do it and it's something we have all agreed that we don't find invasive. 

fightofyourlife November 10, 2021

If both parties have agreed to it as a safety thing, then I don't see why it should be of concern to anyone else.

I don't have a partner but my mum, sister and I share our locations with each other through Google Maps. 

fightofyourlife November 7, 2021

@laura__palmer If it's the start of a serious conversation, it doesn't seem like Celeste is interested in taking part. The Em Rata post has been up for almost a week and she's yet to say anything. Others might use it to start a conversation but it's hard for me to see Celeste's contribution as anything other than a cheap shot. 

fightofyourlife November 4, 2021

I watched the first episode. It's just trash reality TV. They're not "discovering Australia's best parenting style" any more than MAFS are helping people find true love. It's just an excuse to get a bunch of people in a room and have them yell at each other. Everyone was pretty calm and respectful in the first episode when they disagreed, which I'm sure was horribly disappointing to Channel 9.  

My main concern is for the children, honestly. The adults all know what reality TV is and have chosen to open themselves up to judgment, both on the show and inevitably on social media. That's not the case for the kids though and many of the kids are old enough that their friends will be watching. :\ 

fightofyourlife November 3, 2021

As someone who never played netball or paid any attention to it whatsoever (and was once literally mocked by my PE teacher for it), this was like reading an article in another language. 

fightofyourlife October 28, 2021

In the Tall Grass is under-the-radar for a reason. It's terrible. Probably the worst Stephen King adaptation I've seen. 

I don't know how to feel seeing Mother! recommended as a horror movie. It's often billed as psychological horror but I went in expecting that and was very disappointed. I would have liked it more if it was straight-up horror and not some pretentious allegory for humanity's treatment of the earth. 

fightofyourlife October 23, 2021

@ltaylor1 I don't know anything about the place they were camping in but they'd know where the kids were if they were watching them from somewhere, hidden. Is that possible?

fightofyourlife October 8, 2021

Anyone who knew anything at all about Perrottet saw this coming from several miles off. He has never wanted to follow health advice. I hope one of his more moderate colleagues rolls him before he can do any more damage. 

fightofyourlife October 7, 2021

@Aisha I'm glad it's working for you but it specifically says 10 pages of an entrepreneur's non-fiction book, not just non-fiction. 10 pages of any old non-fiction? No worries - could and would do that happily! I love a lot of non-fiction and have so many more non-fiction books I'd like to read. But an entrepreneur's book? No thank you!

fightofyourlife October 2, 2021

If the two 45 minute exercise sessions daily didn't turn me off 75 Hard, having to read an entrepreneur's book would. I couldn't follow this plan for a single day. It sounds miserable. 

fightofyourlife September 28, 2021

@cat If she's so bothered about the lack of support for the arts, she should address her ire towards the federal government, who made the decision to leave the arts out of Job Keeper. Instead, it's somehow Dan Andrews' fault. 

fightofyourlife September 18, 2021

My bookshelf is not remotely organised, in any way at all. They're all just shoved in there any place they fit. I don't want to have to move everything around every time I buy a new book to fit the new one into whatever organisational scheme I might come up with. I did that for years with my CDs and I never stopped hating it. But I relistened to CDs far more often than I reread books and some kind of organisation seemed necessary, so I kept up with it anyway.

fightofyourlife August 25, 2021

@chloe22 Thanks Chloe, but the TV works for me just fine, so I'm happy to stick with that. I'm glad you've found something that works for you as well. 

fightofyourlife August 25, 2021

@random dude I set the timer, so the TV turns off on its own. I sleep alone, so I don't need to consider anyone else. ๐Ÿ˜‰

fightofyourlife August 24, 2021

"For this reason, as part of sleep hygiene, itโ€™s recommended that we switch off all screens an hour or so before bedtime."

I've seen this advice so many times and it is the worst possible thing for me. If I don't watch TV as I fall asleep, my brain will not turn off. I need something passive to do that will make my eyes tired enough to start drooping and distract me enough from thinking about every problem I have or might one day have. Reading doesn't do it for me, because even just having to hold a book and turn the pages keeps me awake. 

I wish there was more acceptance that what works for some people does not work for others. Instead, there's always this one-size-fits-all advice on sleep. I worry that it is stopping some people from solving their sleep issues when going against some of this advice may actually be what works for them. 

fightofyourlife August 21, 2021

@cat I think the 80% is only 16 and up but happy to be corrected if you've seen something different. 

But yes, that's what concerns me. Even if Delta is not more virulent, it is more infectious and that alone means it will be much easier for kids to catch. I'm especially worried about children who are immunocompromised or those who already have respiratory or heart conditions. It's a bit disturbing that I've heard no talk from the government on how we're going to protect kids if we open up before the under 12s can be vaccinated. 

fightofyourlife August 21, 2021

I'm very concerned that opening up at 80% of eligible people vaccinated is going to leave children very, very vulnerable. Children can get very sick and die with Delta. I'm not saying it's the most likely outcome for most kids but it happens more often than with the original strain. 

fightofyourlife August 18, 2021

Just a note that many teachers are not incredibly keen on the term "homeschooling" for what a lot of kids in Australia are doing right now. I imagine a lot of parents who are legitimately homeschooling would not be keen either. 

What most parents are doing at the moment is supervising and assisting with their children's home learning. The actual schooling - the instruction, the assessment, the making/gathering of teaching resources and the planning - is being done by the teachers. As hard as home learning is for parents, particularly those who are also working from home, it is not the same thing as homeschooling. Both are challenging roles, for different reasons. 

fightofyourlife August 18, 2021

I knew all of these except 4, which is a very heartening one to read! Why is NSW Health not publicising this? We've heard that no one in ICU is fully vaxed but never what proportion of infections as a whole are fully vaxed. I feel like that would really encourage more people to get a jab. 

I guess I shouldn't say "never", because obviously the data exists, or it wouldn't be in the article. It seems like something they would want to widely share though and I haven't heard it before now.