Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Married at Fight Sight’s Ines has tried to justify her boat tantrum at Bronson.

This just might be our favourite season of MAFS already, because boy is she juicy.

We’ve had a runaway groom, a devirginised virgin, and not one, but two villains.

We’re clearly talking about Sam Ball, the guy who has not stopped criticising his fake wife Elizabeth’s looks since they met, and the terrifyingly blunt Ines who seems to get meaner and meaner each episode.

This week, her temper seemed to soar during what can only be described as the worst date we’ve ever witnessed.

It involved a particularly enormous adult tanty during a romantic boat trip with “husband” Bronson, in which she repeatedly screamed at him to “shut the f*ck up” as he tried to calm her.



But now, speaking on last night’s Nine’s Talking Married, Ines has opened about why she reacted so strongly, and it’s made us reconsider our judgement slightly.

“I don’t think Bronson was aware that I had a really bad experience in Mexico when I went parasailing, we were dropped in the middle of the ocean. So, me entering that experience on the boat with Bronson, I was in a state of panic. That was quite hard for me to watch as well, just seeing how distressed I was,” she explained.

Ines and Bronson on possibly the worst date so far.

“We only see things from our level of perception. He may have just thought I was being rude or obnoxious, but it was actually a cry for help,” she added.

While she says her treatment of Bronson came down to anxiety, she does admit she was a little bit... well, sh*t.

"The way I acted towards him wasn’t fair at all, no one deserves to be spoken to like that.”

Maybe she's not so bad after all?

These are the exact phrases we find ourselves yelling at the TV while watching Married at First Sight. Post continues after video.

2. “She does get really sick.” Sam Wood opens up about Snezana’s pregnancy.

Sam and Snezana's second pregnancy announcement on Monday has had us buzzing all week.

But it sounds like the mum-of-two is experiencing hellish morning/all day sickness and honestly, we feel for her.

...It does not sound fun.

Speaking to WHO magazine, Sam said the usually-energetic Snez is having to "take it easy" as she struggles through constantly feeling sick.


"She had it for 30 weeks with Willow [their one-year-old daughter] and she needed to lie down frequently, so it's all hands on deck making sure she's OK this time," he said.

"She's tough as nails but she does get really sick," Sam said, adding that his wife is experiencing "all-day sickness".

We hope she starts to feel better soon!

3. MKR’s Josh and Austin claim producers tracked them down to appear on the show.

This year's My Kitchen Rules 'villians' Josh and Austin Bonwik have shared the interesting way they were selected to appear on the reality cooking show.


According to the brothers, the pair were encouraged to sign up for the show after a producer discovered food photos on Josh's Instagram page.

"One of the producers, who was on Instagram, was looking at the food on my page and messaged me like, 'Hey, you should apply for this show, your cooking is really good',"Josh told the Daily Mail.

Despite never hearing about MKR before, Josh decided to sign up for the show after convincing his brother – who had limited cooking knowledge – to become his teammate.


"I didn't really know how to cook," Austin admitted. "I only started cooking a month before the show. So when he asked me I was like... it makes me uncomfortable but it could be an experience so why not?"

According to a Channel Seven spokesperson, contestants for the show are often scouted through social media and even food festivals.

Either way, My Kitchen Rules' casting selection is making for a very interesting season...

4. Why Ariana Grande won’t be attending the Grammys anymore.

It looks like Ariana Grande has said "thank u, next" to the Grammy Awards...

According to a source who is close to the singer, Ariana has decided not to perform at or even attend the awards show following an argument with the show's producers.

ariana grande christmas tree
The singer will reportedly not attend the awards. Image: Getty.

Speaking to CNN, the source said the dispute started as "the producers were dictating what songs she could sing".

According to the source, the producers rejected Grande's choice to perform her latest single '7 Rings', before agreeing that she could perform '7 Rings' at the event if they could select her second song.

A source also told Variety that other performers were allowed to select their own songs with no questions asked.

Ariana is nominated for a number of Grammys, including best pop vocal performance and best pop vocal album.

5. Sam Armytage's perfect response to a photographer getting "unflattering" photos of her post-gym.

Sam Armytage is used to paparazzi following her around, but on Wednesday she had an idea of how to turn an uncomfortable situation on its head.

The Sunrise host noticed that a “creepy” paparazzo had followed her into the supermarket after she’d been to the gym.

Sam speculated his plan was to capture “mostly unflattering” and “mundane” photos of her buying groceries.

So to make sure those photos weren’t worth anything to sell, the 42-year-old decided to post some mundane photos of herself to Instagram.

You can check out her full, glorious response in our earlier story here.