After a show-stopping dish, the winner of My Kitchen Rules 2018 has been crowned.

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 WARNING: This post contains spoilers. Do not read this if you do not like spoilers. 

It was a battle-like finale.

Both My Kitchen Rules teams were sufficiently armed with knifes, spatulas, and olive oil, while their friends and family watched on in plain fear.

Kim and Suong from Victoria versus Alex and Emily from Queensland. Quail versus… brain. You be the judge. But don’t, because Manu, Pete, and their favourite chef companions were obviously the judges.

Listen to: The RIGHT way to test your avos. (Post continues after audio.)

A quail was dropped on the floor, and as per the usual nature of domino effects, an approximate 200 quails were subsequently dropped, because THERE’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE, PEOPLE.

Then, a formulaic cycle ensued.

The intense cooking sequence, the presenting of dishes to the judges, the judges consuming said dishes, the judges opening their eyes very wide while nodding/wincing in pain, so on and so forth. Though repetitive, the progression was oddly entertaining.


As for who was looking like the front runner by the final dishes, the game was pretty tight. We were most definitely on the edge of our seats.

So, after a light five course meal with all the required amounts of arguing between teammates and a generous dash of tears from Emily, she and Alex were announced as the winners of My Kitchen Rules 2018.

Congratulations etc., but please move to the side now because Masterchef is starting tomorrow.