All the best bits (and some you might have missed) from Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' video.


You know the feeling. You’ve just endured a giant cluster f…luff of a breakup, and so you turn to something familiar/mindless/comforting to fill the cavernous black hole where your heart used to be.

Ariana Grande gets you. The singer recently emerged from a spectacularly out-out-left-field relationship with Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, he of the BDE (< see link for explanation, unless you’re my mum. In which case, don’t. It’s rude.) The pair reportedly got together in May, were engaged by June, and broken up by October.

As part of her very public healing process, Ari has knitted together the best rom-coms of the early 200os to create a truly comforting piece of post-breakup entertainment: the music video for her new song, ‘thank u, next’.

All the DVDs your friend brought over to cheer you up when [insert basic boy’s name] dumped you at the Year 10 formal after-party? They’re all in there.

The highlights, in no particular order. (Although the last is definitely the best.)

Suddenly 30. (2004)

Ariana Grande joins Jennifer Garner as the only women on the planet that can pull off this hairstyle without looking ill. Or 12.


Bring It On. (2000)

The sexiest scene involving toothpaste and spit you'll ever see (...with a PG rating).


Legally Blonde. (2001)



Paulette also makes an appearance, because it's a scientific fact that the most effective way to restore self-confidence is via the 'bend and snap'.

Thank U Next

Oh. And it seems the handsome UPS guy now works for a more... substantial company.


But among all the frivolity, Elle/Ari even managed to squeeze in a subtle-but-pointed jab at President Donald Trump.
"What? Like it's hard?"


Mean Girls. (2004)

Feat. Aaron Samuels and the 'super jumbo tampons' girl.


(We were kind of hoping she'd be in army pants and flip-flops, but no matter. Must be a Wednesday.)

Naturally, the burn book makes an appearance, with a few notable entries.

Ricky Alvarez, Grande's former backup dancer: "Great dancer. Good times man. Friends forever."
Big Sean: "So cute. So sweet. (Could still get it)."
Pete: "I love you always. HUUUUUGE. Sry I dipped." (Which seems to confirmed that Ari was the one to break off their engagement.)


But by far the best cameo in the whole damn thing is Kardashian momager Kris Jenner in the role of Regina George's mum. Complete with handi-cam and velour trakkies.







You can watch the full clip below.

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