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Married at First Sight bride Martha on what audiences don't see about Ines.

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From the moment Ines Basic appeared on Married At First Sight, she’s undoubtedly been a controversial figure.

From telling her new husband Bronson to remove his eyebrow ring the moment she met him at the altar to claiming she got “inbred vibes” from him, Ines is not afraid to speak her mind – and it’s certainly not winning her many fans.

The backlash has been so bad, Married At First Sight have been forced to disable comments on all Instagram photos featuring the 28-year-old legal secretary.

But according to fellow bride Martha, we’ve got Ines all wrong.

Speaking to Now To Love, Martha and her new husband Michael shared their thoughts on the controversial bride.


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When he gives you that look! #MAFS

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“Deep down in her heart of hearts, she is the sweetest, most caring and beautiful girl,” Martha said.

“She’s a strong girl and she’s had a really hard upbringing and that’s where that exterior of being hard comes from, and that ‘I don’t care how you feel’.”

Martha and Michael also believe Ines and Bronson have been “mismatched” by the experts.

“They’re just not right for each other. They want two different things. I feel like everything Bronson says, is like possibly the worst answer ever for Ines,” Martha explained.

“It’s like the last thing she wants to hear coming out of a guy’s mouth. And then he accidentally says it, the poor guy.”



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Tonight there’s rough seas ahead for Bronson and Ines… ????⛵️ #MAFS

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Before the reality series started, Ines was described as a “real firecracker” and a “tough nut to crack”.

On her honeymoon with Bronson, drama between the couple began when they boarded a boat to go parasailing.

Nervous about parasailing, Ines was quick to snap at her new husband.

These are the exact phrases we find ourselves yelling at the TV while watching Married at First Sight. Post continues after video.

“Shut the f*ck up. Get me off the boat! Get me off the f*cking boat!” she screamed.

“When I say don’t speak, shut the f*ck up. I am stressed!”

After taking a number of blows, Bronson responded: “That’s fine, be f*cking stressed. I can see why you’re single, hey”.

Yep, we can’t imagine seeing these two together much longer…

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