Well, Ariana Grande's Christmas tree is a little bit terrifying.


We thought only Melania Trump could manage to make a Christmas tree seem creepy.

We were wrong.

Yes, the First Lady’s towering, blood-red firs were deeply unsettling, what with their (supposedly inadvertent) resemblance to Handmaids ‘n’ all…

melania trump white house christmas red trees
NOPE. Image: Melania Trump/The White House.

But then, just a week shy of Christmas, singer Ariana Grande swoops in with a tree that looks like it's straight out of Stranger Things.

You know. The Netflix series with the flickering lights and the child-eating Demogorgon and the parallel universe called the Upsidedown. Yeah. That one.

Because for reasons that aren't entirely clear, the 'Thank U, Next' singer has affixed her tree... to the ceiling.

Here's the picture posted to her Instagram account on Wednesday.


We thought it might be a jolly prank, just some Photoshop trickery. (I mean, where do you even put the presents?)

But no. It's real. Note the shadow on the wall, and the dog which appears to be obeying the laws of gravity.

Instead, it seems it's just an elaborate festive metaphor for the chaos unfolding around Grande right now. (In case you missed it, she recently split from her Saturday Night Live comedian fiance Pete Davidson after a whirlwind five-month relationship.)

According to Vanity Fair, when asked by a paparazzi photographer if she could explain the topsy-turvy tree, Grande replied simply:

“No I can’t, man. Sometimes life just be upside-down.”