Sam Armytage's perfect response to a photographer getting "unflattering" photos of her post-gym.

Sam Armytage is used to paparazzi following her around, but on Wednesday she had an idea of how to turn an uncomfortable situation on its head.

The Sunrise host noticed that a “creepy” paparazzo had followed her into the supermarket after she’d been to the gym.

Sam speculated his plan was to capture “mostly unflattering” and “mundane” photos of her buying groceries.

So to make sure those photos weren’t worth anything to sell, the 42-year-old decided to post some mundane photos of herself to Instagram.

“So just to make sure they’re worth NOTHING… here’s some free, mundane pics of me and my shopping,” she captioned the gallery of selfies.

“Oh & I threw in action shots of me stuck in Sydney traffic & the best bit from the shopping bags, a pig’s ear for [her dog] Banjo.

“Don’t say I never do anything for you.”


Followers praised the TV presenter for her clever and hilarious stunt, with many sympathising with her over being regularly followed by photographers.

This isn’t the first time Sam has exposed the paparazzi’s attempts to take photos of her on social media.

In October 2017 she shared a photo of a person hiding in a tree to catch photos of her running with her dog at a park.

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And in January that year, she gave a biting interview about the journalist who had written an article about her wearing “granny panties” based on photos where her panty line could be – shock, horror – actually seen.

“All I will say, and I haven’t said anything to date, is I actually feel really sorry for the guy that wrote that,” she told News Corp’s Stellar magazine.

“I cannot imagine having such a soul-destroying job that would require you to breathlessly describe a strange woman’s underwear as your occupation. I think, ‘Poor bastard’. Imagine doing that job.”

At the time, she admitted she still got a “fright” when she spotted a photographer, who she said would be looking to get “mean pictures”.

It’s one of the reason’s why Mamamia does not support the paparazzi and never publishes any photographs taken without celebrities’ consent.