Sam and Snezana's baby announcement says everything about having a third child.

When Snezana and Sam Wood announced on Monday they were expecting their second baby together, the couple did it in such a relaxed way that some people thought they were joking.

Dressed in a yellow workout singlet, the former Bachelor star told his Instagram followers that he and his wife were having another baby, joining their 15-month-old daughter Willow and Snezana’s 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Eve.

Sam and Snez show us how to swaddle a baby. Post continues after video.

“I know that people do beautiful reviews of baby genders and we’re having a baby and don’t get me wrong I actually think that’s super, super cute,” the fitness guru said in the slightly rambling video.

“And maybe because this is baby number two, or really number three, we’re not going to as much effort anymore, and so this is our reveal.”

At that point the camera panned to Snezana, on her phone, dressed in a black t-shirt with a messy bun, laughing.

After getting side-tracked by talk of cereal, Sam went on, “Anyway, we are very very excited to announce in this weird way on InstaStory that we are having another baby.”

The reason, he shared, they were announcing it then was because the couple had posted a photo on Snez’s account in which she can be seen clearly sporting a baby bump. It seemed to be an oversight.

“I think the cat is out of the bag,” Sam laughed.


About an hour later, he added another post to his Instagram Story, confirming the news was true after some followers had thought they were joking because they laughed so much during the video.

But anyone who’s had two, three or more babies of their own was likely not so surprised by the couple’s casual pregnancy announcement.

Because like with so many other areas pertaining to the subsequent children, the effort that goes into making things special and perfect isn’t quite the same as it was for the first child.

It’s not that the love, joy and excitement isn’t the same – but having been through it at least once before, parents know the energy put into an elaborate pregnancy announcement is much better conserved and saved for when the baby arrives.

The time consumed by organising a gender reveal party should be spent sleeping before sleep becomes a precious, precious resource.

Then the home-made rainbow cake for baby number one’s first birthday becomes a (still delicious, thank you very much) store-bought mudcake for baby number two.

A completed baby book for the eldest child sits next to the uncracked spine of the youngest sibling’s book.

And a phone or Facebook album full of daily photos of the firstborn is followed by oh, probably one on the thirdborn’s first birthday.

One thing is for sure though: none of that means second, third, or even fourth borns are any less loved.

What changed for you between your first child and your youngest?