5 colour combinations that will elevate your look instantly.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt during my time working in fashion is that style has very little to do with the clothes you own, and has a lot to do with the tiny details. Which explains why when I was buying clothes every single week, I still had ‘nothing to wear’, as opposed to now, where I always have an outfit ready, despite buying something new once every three months.

While learning how to style the pieces you own is important, knowing what colours go well together is also key — remember, it’s the simplest things that can help elevate your outfit

So today, we’re going to talk about the easiest trick in the book: Colour combinations. There are certain colours on the colour wheel that when paired together, instantly create magic. Then there are others that end up looking like a hot mess.

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For example, wearing red and green together is a surefire way to make your outfit look busy — unless you’re playing an extra in a Christmas movie, then by all means go ahead. But creating an outfit with sky blue and white will have you looking like you’re on a European holiday, living your best life under the Tuscan sun.


So after spending hours scrolling through outfit photos on Pinterest, and looking at the colour wheel, these are the most chic colour combinations I settled on.

Navy blue and white.

Image: Instagram @la_nadia.

If your goal is to look ‘old money chic’ then you cannot go wrong with navy blue and white. Few years back, I would have considered these shades to be more nautical, but now, I think they give off quiet luxury vibes. 


Brown and gold.

Image: Instagram @jastookes.

Brown and gold, especially on deeper skin tones, is one of my favourite colour combinations. Despite it being considered outdated a few years ago, high fashion designers are now using it in their collections, giving it a new life.

Sky blue and white.

Image: Instagram @laurajadestone.


As mentioned before, sky blue and white just screams Euro summer. The effortless nature and airy feel of the two colours make it perfect for when the weather starts to warm up, and the two shades are easily found in any store you step into.

Pink and red.

Image: Instagram @sophaaaaa.


One for those of you who love wearing colour. I know it seems like pink and red would clash, but when worn correctly, the two look stunning together. I would either wear an all pink outfit with red shoes and accessories, or vice versa. 

Orange and white.

Image: Instagram @femmeblk.


Orange is such a bright shade that when paired with white, it really helps tone it back. The more neutral shade of white also doesn’t compete with the orange, letting the vibrant hue have its moment in the spotlight. 

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Feature Image: Instagram @laurajadestone/@sophaaaaa/@femmeblk.

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