The 7 fashion trends you should never part ways with.

We all have that one piece of clothing that we simply cannot part ways with. Despite buying it more than 10 years ago and wearing it to death, there’s a niggling voice in our head telling us to keep it, because – who knows? It might come in handy in the future.

Well, I’m here to tell you to listen to that voice, because it’s right. While I’m a strong believer in letting go and avoiding hoarding, there are some pieces that really do stand the test of time, and chances are, you actually will wear it down the line.

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Now, when I say 'pieces that stand the test of time', I'm not talking about that Ed Hardy t-shirt you bought back in high school. I'm talking about good quality basics and staples. 

I do, however, acknowledge that the term 'staple' means different things to different people, so if your Ed Hardy tee is something you see yourself wearing for the rest of your life, then keep it around and ignore me.

If you want to know what to keep when cleaning out your wardrobe, then keep reading, because these are the trends you shouldn’t part with.

1. Statement belts.

A statement belt pairs well with everything. Image: Getty.


If you own a chain belt from the early 2000s (you know, the ones that serve no actual purpose and just hang around your waist), don’t get rid of it. Not only is it coming back in style, but there are so many ways to incorporate it into your outfit. 

Add it onto denim if you want to appear edgier, or pair it with a slip dress to create some intrigue. 

I strongly believe it pays to have a solid belt collection, and if you have a few lying around from years ago, then it's guaranteed that no one else will be sporting the same one. With a few adjustments and smart dressing, the belt from 20 years ago can be transformed into something more current.


2. Midi skirts.

Stunning. Image: Getty.

No matter what era you look back on, you will see women rocking midi skirts. Sure, the style and cut have definitely changed over the years, but the premise has remained the same: A skirt that can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion.

Whether you own a denim midi, or a pleated one, put that baby back in your wardrobe, because you will be wearing it again. Trust me. It's also a piece that can be worn all-year 'round, so why wouldn't you hang onto it?


3. Ballet flats.

Ballet flats are ELITE. Image: Getty.

Okay, okay, I know this is controversial, but hear me out. I love ballet flats, and I think everyone else should, too. 

The unassuming shoe reached its peak back in 2010, with every girl around the block wearing it.

But then, they got replaced by sneakers, and while they're certainly better for your feet, they just don’t hit the same. Thankfully, ballet flats are making a comeback, so if you have an old pair that you haven't touched in years, pull them out and take 'em for a test drive. I reckon you'll fall in love and never look back.


4. Jeans (no matter the cut).

No skinny jean slander here. Image: Getty.

If you threw out all your skinny jeans because Gen Z deemed them 'cheugy', you’ve made a grave mistake, friend. Denim never goes out of style, no matter the cut.

If it flatters you and makes you feel good about yourself, keep it around. That’s the rule.


While certain styles of jeans may not be on trend at the moment, you never know when that particular look will be considered cool again (millennials never expected those super-low waists to make a comeback). Trends are a cycle – they always come back around.

5. Chunky jewellery.

Time to dust off your chunky necklaces. Image: Getty.

We’re currently living in a time where delicate, dainty jewellery reigns supreme, but that doesn’t mean you chuck away your chunky accessories, never to be seen again. 

Statement jewellery will always be a great way to dress up an outfit, so it’s time to start playing and layering.


6. Anything vintage or sentimental.

Never throw out vintage items. Image: Getty.

This feels like a no-brainer but it has to be said: Don’t ever throw out anything sentimental or vintage, no matter how garish you think it is. 

If you do, you will regret it. 

These pieces are important to hold on to because of the memories they carry, and they're a beautiful way to travel back in time. So if you own something that’s been handed down to you, or something you bought years ago but it’s associated with a fond moment, keep it, and revisit it as often as possible.


7. Retro sneakers.

The more old-school, the better. Image: Getty.

I recently wrote a story about Tigers replacing the Adidas Sambas, and so many of you responded saying you own pairs from years ago that you’re now going to pull out. If that's not enough proof as to why you should keep retro sneakers, then I don’t know what is.

Feature image: Getty.

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