4 easy ways to instantly make your outfit look a lot more expensive.

If you’ve ever spent time scrolling through an infinite pool of street style photos, envisioning yourself in the chic and creative looks, only to stop and think “I don’t have the budget to dress like that”, then just know that you’re not alone.

We’ve all been there. But you should know that dressing luxe is less about money and more about the right pieces.

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Sure, you might not have a quilted Chanel bag in your collection, but there are plenty of other ways to make your outfits appear more expensive than they actually are. And with the rise of quiet luxury, the absence of logos has never been trendier.


In fact, the more minimalistic the clothing, the more luxe it looks, just take a peek at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s brand, The Row, which specialises in simple, tailored basics at eye-watering prices.

So, if you’re wanting to know how to make that Kmart shirt look like something off Net-a-Porter then keep reading.

1. Stack jewellery.

There is no better way to elevate an outfit than a good jewellery stack. Regardless of whether you’re a gold or silver girl, layering jewellery pieces really helps add interest to an otherwise simple look. 

Adding multiple necklaces in different lengths, a range of rings on your fingers and more than one earring on each ear will instantly transform your fit, so never underestimate the power of good accessories.

Here are our jewellery recommendations:


By Charlotte Gold Lotus Short Necklace, $169.00.

Image: By Charlotte, The Iconic.

HOUSE OF SLANI Stackable Gold Filled Gem Ring, $95.00.

Image: HOUSE OF SLANI, The Iconic.


Wanderlust + Co Heart Gold Locket Necklace, $95.00.

Image: Wanderlust + Co, The Iconic.


SAINT VALENTINE Mini Pearl Bracelet - Silver, $85.00.

Image: SAINT VALENTINE, The Iconic.


2. Opt for a bolder silhouette.

This one isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however, it’s one that just had to be mentioned. 

Oftentimes, expensive clothes have extravagant silhouettes. Think puffy sleeves, empire waists and long hems. 

So, if you look for those patterns in the pieces you buy, chances are, you’ll trick people into thinking you dropped a load of cash when you really didn’t.

Check these out: 

Petal & Pup Clo Puff Sleeve Midi Dress, $89.

Image: Petal & Pup.


SHOWPO Harleen Mini Dress, $99.95.

Image: SHOWPO.

Gingham & Heels Tresme Shirt, $79.

Image: Gingham & Heels.


3. Wear matching sets.

Not only are matching sets fuss-free, but they also look uber-luxe. 

There’s something about wearing the same shade or pattern from head to toe that makes you look like a wealthy heiress who doesn’t check the price tag before she buys something. 

If you have no idea what matching sets to buy, then check out our roundup here.

These are some of our favourite co-ord sets:


Assembly Label Nilsa Top, $80.

Image: Assembly Label.

Assembly Label, Nilsa Pant, $120.

Image: Assembly Label.


Assembly Label Fleur Rouched Linen Skirt, $140.

Image: Assembly Label.


Assembly Label Fleur Rouched Linen Top, $100.

Image: Assembly Label.


4. When in doubt, go monochrome. 

You can never, and I mean never, go wrong with black and white. There’s a reason it's such a cult classic. 

Whether you go for a simple dress with contrast-trim details or a swimsuit and sarong combo, two-tone outfits will always make you look polished and put together. 

Take a look at these monochromatic gems:

DISSH Stone Bind Halter Top, $99.99.

Image: DISSH.


Portmans Clara Tipped Milano Skirt, $49.97.

Image: Portmans.

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