The 7 outdated style rules you didn't realise you were following.

As a fashion writer, I despise ‘fashion rules’. I consider them to be arbitrary and judgemental. I mean, who decided that women with wide torsos can’t wear horizontal stripes? Or that black and brown don’t go together? Who gave anyone the right to be the fashion police? So many questions, so few answers.

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Rules are meant to be broken, especially when you’re wanting to express yourself creatively. Think back to the outfits that have inspired you. What did you like about it? There’s a chance that the same look that caught your attention, threw the rule book out the window and followed a guideline instead.

You see, the reason I like the term ‘guideline’ is because each person can write up their own version, depending on their taste and lifestyle. Guidelines are also optional, so if you don’t feel like following it, then that’s a-okay.

So, now that I’ve let out my frustrations, here are all the fashion rules I consider to be outdated.

Rule #1: You can’t mix metals when wearing jewellery.

Wear ALL the metals! Image: Instagram @mejuri. 


There is nothing edgier than mixing gold and silver jewellery, even though we’ve been told differently. So who cares if you’re a gold or silver girly, because layering, piling and mixing jewellery is all the rage these days. Plus, it keeps things interesting.

Rule #2: White clothes are only for summer.

There is no way I'm ditching white. Image: Instagram @musingsofacurvylady.


If white clothes are only meant for the summer time, then lock me up in jail and throw away the key, because I wear the versatile shade all year round. Sure, a white linen dress is a staple, but so is a white chunky knit sweater.

Rule #3: Don’t mix prints.

So funky. Image: Instagram @gormanclothing.


If anyone tells you not to mix prints, then direct them to a runway, because every high-fashion designer is doing exactly that. In 2023, more is more and bolder is better, so wear ALL the prints, and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it.

Rule #4: Older women shouldn’t follow trends.

STUNNING. Image: @iconaccidental.


For years women have been told to “dress their age”, but what does that even mean? Whoever thought of this rule most likely wants women past 50 to dress in black slacks and a turtleneck. Well, I’m here to tell you that regardless of your age, you’re allowed to have fun with fashion. Be playful, wear bright colours and be completely unapologetic when it comes to your outfits.

Rule #5: Heels are the only appropriate shoe for formal occasions.

Flats are comfortable AND stylish. Image: Instagram: @laurajadestone.


Once upon a time, heels were mandatory at any formal setting. Women would hide the pain their poor feet were in, trying their very best to appear effortless and elegant. It’s what women were expected to do. But thankfully, we’re no longer in 1963, and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear flat shoes to a fancy occasion. I’m sure your podiatrist would say the same.

Rule #6: Never wear double denim.

Double denim has come a long way since Justin and Britney. Image: Instagram @katewas_.

Considering double denim is everywhere these days, this is a rule that should well and truly be broken. Double denim not only looks incredibly chic, but it's easy to wear, making it perfect for days you don't want to think too hard about your outfit. 


Rule #7: Red lips are only for the evening.

I'll be wearing a red lip whenever I want thanks. Image: Instagram @celia.jayne.

Listen, if you want to wear a red lip to the gym, then DO IT. There is nothing more classic than a deep red lipstick, and if you want to wear it at breakfast, lunch and dinner then no one should tell you that you can't.

Featured Image: Instagram @iconaccidental/@musingsofacurvylady/@laurajadestone.

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