The one easy style rule that will transform all your outfits.

By now we've all been made aware of the environmental cost of fashion, but allow me to bring out the stats in case anyone needs a reminder.

According to research conducted by Our Good Brands, the world collectively purchases over 80 billion pieces of new clothing each year — that's a 400 per cent increase compared to 20 years ago. 

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However, it's not just the overconsumption that's the issue, it's also how quickly we discard things that we no longer deem 'on trend'. In Australia alone, 200,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles end up in landfill each year, resulting in polluted waters and an enormous pile of waste.

All the above doesn't even take into account the human cost, because behind many of the beautiful dresses and chic outfits that we see in store, are garment workers who are subjected to dangerous environments, low wages and little human rights. 

While the world is slowly moving towards more sustainable shopping habits, with many people choosing to thrift or buy clothing that is ethically produced, sometimes it's hard to ignore a bargain. 


Thanks to TikTok and Instagram constantly pushing the 'next big trend', we have this incomprehensible need to jump on the bandwagon. However, it's important to ask yourself, 'do I really need this?' and 'do I not have something similar already?'.

I'm a big believer in a capsule wardrobe. It keeps my mind clutter-free because I don't have a pile of unused and unwanted clothes sitting in the corner of my room, but it also makes dressing a million times easier.

With the right styling, it's relatively easy to transform a basic t-shirt into something more highbrow, and not to mention, re-wearing my clothes makes me sleep better at night knowing that I'm not contributing to a planet that is already pleading for help.

If you're someone who struggles with styling however, and just want someone to give you ONE tip to help improve your style then I've got you — no new clothes needed. 

Create contrast and friction in your outfit.

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Whenever you pick out an outfit, always remember one thing: Fashion is a visual game. So, it's all about grabbing people's attention through the pieces you choose.

YouTube creator Adeline Loke used this same concept and came up with a brilliant rule to help elevate any outfit: "Use what you already have to create contrast and friction by mixing different styles of clothing together."

One way she does this is by mixing traditionally masculine pieces with something more feminine. For example, pairing a dainty shoe with an oversized blazer, or a flowy skirt with chunky boots. The options are endless.

Don’t save your dressy pieces for just dressy occasions.

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Creating contrast isn't just something that is done through clothes. Another way Loke leans into this rule is by wearing her finer jewellery with casual outfits. So if you own accessories you've told yourself are strictly for weddings or black-tie dinners, then cut yourself loose, and pull them out when heading to lunch with a friend.

You'll find that with the power of the right necklace or pair of earrings, you can help bring an ordinary (and dare I say, lacklustre) outfit to life. 

The same can be said for handbags that are expensive or make a statement.

It also forces you to get some wear out of your investment pieces, because let's face it, most of us aren't going to a grand ball every Friday night.

Mix tailored pieces with sporty items.

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Finally, mixing your more tailored pieces with clothes and accessories that are sportier is another way to create contrast, while still keeping things chic.

Loke chose to wear a structured leather jacket on top of an oversized t-shirt. She then added leather accessories to not only match the jacket but also add a bit of an edge to an otherwise basic look.

Will you be trying out this style hack? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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