7 style hacks to elevate your look in less than a minute.

We love to look good and feel cute without trying

But sometimes, even when we are dressed to the nines, the details can go... awry. The good news is that the key to nailing our personal style doesn't come down to spending a ton of time or money jumping on the latest trends.

Elevating how we look can be as simple as making some tiny styling changes that help us look more chic, on-point and feel a helluva lot more confident.

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So we went ahead and gathered up some of the most helpful tips to keep us all on our fashion A-game.

Here are 7 style hacks that will elevate your style instantly.

Style hack #1: The *right* way to tie your tee.

It's easy to stick to what feels "good" rather than what is most definitely "right."

This includes how you tie your shirts. 

It's very easy to keep it simple, by tying a knot twice over. But it creates an unflattering shape and overall, isn't the most practical way to crop your tops. 

Stacie Rae, known as @willworkforfashion, shared exactly how to crop tops so you look chic and presentable. 

She created a loop with one side of her shirt then pulled the other side through the loop for a centred, clean-looking knot.

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Style hack #2: A hair straightener for wrinkles.

For collars and cuffs, use a hair straightener to get them crisp and wrinkle-free in seconds, says Fashion stylist and content creator Ellen Hue.

The trick is especially handy when you don't want to iron your entire outfit and you are in a rush – plus, because a hair straightener is small and can get into hard-to-reach places, it's easy to neaten up these small spots.

Easy? Yep. Quick? Definitely. 

Style hack #3: Hairspray to prevent makeup stains.

Keep the makeup on your face and off of your clothes with... hairspray?

It sounds crazy, but hear us out, because this is another tip from Ellen Hue that could just be a game-changer.

Before getting dressed, spritz a mist of hairspray around the collar or neckline of your shirts, dresses, sweaters , whatever. It completely stops the fabric from picking up foundation, meaning no more makeup marks, less washing... it's a win all round. (We can hear our white shirts cheering from here.)

Style hack #4: Hair ties to roll up your sleeves.

Hue created a viral video showing how using hair ties or rubber bands to roll up sleeves is the most effective way to keep long sleeves of a blazer, jacket or long-sleeve tee in place – no more bulky rolling and folding.

"This simple move makes you look more put together and can even elongate your silhouette," she explained. "It's a quick way to achieve an effortless, chic look."

You do it by pulling your hair tie over the top of the wrist of your sleeves and pushing the sleeve up of where you want it to stay. Then you adjust the hair tie so it sits at a comfortable spot on your arm.


To hide the hair tie, fold it or bunch it with the fabric of your blazer or sweater so it can't be seen!

Ellena Hue uses her mother as a model to show how to use rubber bands to roll up her sleeves. Image: YouTube.

Style hack #5: Keep your belt flat with a hair tie.

Is your belt too long and bulky? Try this neat trick.

Using a hair tie that matches your belt colour, pull the hair tie between your belt and pants, so it’s behind two layers of belt on top. With the bottom part of your hair tie, wrap it around the end of the belt loop. 


With the top of the hair tie, twist it once and then wrap it around the end of the belt loop. That creates another loop that will keep your belt flat against your pants.

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Style hack #6: A new take on turtlenecks. 

So it turns out that we have ALL been wearing our favourite turtleneck sweaters wrong.

If you have a turtleneck, fashion content creator Mary Orton advises people to roll the neck of their sweaters inward (facing towards their neck) as opposed to outward. 


"It gives you a much cleaner neckline," she explained in her viral video, adding that it also makes layering necklaces much easier.

"Plus, a lot of turtlenecks develop this sort of warbled edge," she added. "So tucking it inside can make it look more expensive."

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Style hack #7: Fix loose jeans with a shoelace.

Many of us know the classic these-pants-fit-my-legs-and-butt-but-not-my-waist scenario. A shoelace can fix this for you in a cinch. 

Grab a shoelace (or ribbon, if you prefer), thread it through the three belt loops at the back of your jeans, and pull it tight until your pants or jeans fit your waist as you want them to. 

Tie the shoelace and boom – you've got jeans that fit. 

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Just remember to wear a top long enough to cover your sneaky denim hack. 

Feature Image: Mary Orton (@maryorton) and Ellena Hue (@ellenahue).

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