3 quick hacks to transform that bag you no longer use.

If you have a bag lying around that you either get no use out of, or it just doesn’t fit in with your overall style, then do I have some brilliant hacks for you.

Our first instinct is to always throw out or donate the things that we’re no longer wearing, and while there’s definitely a time and place for that, sometimes it’s easy to revive something old to make it appear more on trend.

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Also, over the past few weeks I've been thinking of ways to repurpose my bags, because I have a bit of a bad habit of buying a new one every year. It's unsustainable and a massive waste of money. 

Not to mention, I end up with a pile of unused handbags that either get disposed of, or left to rot in my already over-flowing cupboard.

Upcycling and giving old accessories a new life is not only better for the environment, but it'll also help save you a lot of money in the long run.

So if you own a purse that you haven’t worn in years but still want to keep around, then keep reading, because these easy tricks will help elevate your fave handbag.


Hack #1: Wrap a scarf around the handles.

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If the handles of your bag are looking a little worse for wear, then an easy way to cover it up while also adding a pop of colour, is to wrap a silk scarf or twilly around it. 

This nifty hack helps switch things up without making any drastic changes, and you can replace the scarf depending on what you’re wearing. 

Scarfs also add an air of luxury, so it’s guaranteed your handbag will look a lot more expensive than it actually is. 


Hack #2: Add a bag strap.

Image: Getty.

If you own a bag that comes with hoops on the side, then why not add an interesting-looking bag strap? You can either use one from another handbag to mix and match, or buy one that catches your eye. Bag straps come in so many different colours and patterns, so have fun with it! Not to mention, it’s a practical addition to your outfit, because who wants to carry a bag underneath their shoulders? Not me.


Hack #3: Add bag charms.

Image: Getty.

If you want to take it one step further (or if you enjoy accessories that lean more towards quirky) then add a charm or two to your favourite purse. It’s also a lazy-girl hack, because it requires such minimal effort. This is my favourite way to dress up a plain handbag and make it appear 10 times more interesting. 

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