From fake tans to laser facials, these are the top beauty trends each year since 2005.


It’s been 15 years since crowdsource review site Yelp launched, and in that time, the company has collected a vast amount of data about people’s Googling habits. From searching for local hairdressers to sourcing the best dog walkers, our collective ~research~ has been thoroughly collated and mined.

Scary as that may be in the age of oh-I-didn’t-know-I-opted-in-to-that surveillance, on a lighter note, it’s also led to some fascinating insights about our changing beauty habits.

The website has released a list of the most popular beauty treatments (by mentions in reviews on Yelp) from 2005 to 2019. And boy, is it a walk down memory lane.

Let’s take a stroll, shall we?

According to the report, Lash Tints were all the rage in 2005, as were Brazilian bikini waxes and – wait for it – tanning beds.

We’re going to put that down to our beauty icons of the time, like the perma-tanned Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, whose show The Simple Life aired from 2003-2007.

Paris and Nicole
2005, when tans went turbo. Image: Getty.

In 2006, lip plumping peaked.  If we follow our cultural phenomenon theory (aka who we were watching on our screens, before our screens were permanently in our pockets), it's the year after Mr & Mrs Smith came out, and we were all obsessed with Angelina Jolie again. Juicy pouts for everybody.

Angelina Jolie
Ange at the premiere of Mr & Mrs Smith. Image: Getty.

Keratin had a major search moment in 2011, which coincides with - yes - Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William. Suddenly, sleek high-gloss hair was all the rage.

Apparently, Kate broke royal protocol by choosing to wear her hair down for the ceremony, but when your mane looks this bouncy, can you blame her?

Kate Middleton
Adds to Pinterest board under 'Wedding hair.' Image: Getty.

The trend continued right through to 2013, when we were all searching for blowouts, because obvs Kate reigned as our newly minted style queen.

In 2016, nail art exploded onto the beauty scene, from holographic finishes to the very inconvenient 'succulent' nail trend. And while it would be remiss of us to trace such a huge fad back to a specific celeb, we feel like Kylie Jenner's lip kits had something to do with this particular spike. That year, everyone was seen rocking paint drip nail art in honour of her iconic product.


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The eyes became a big beauty focus in 2017, with an upturn in searches for eyebrow tints and lash extensions.

Kendall Jenner
Bold brows and fluttery lashes, as seen on beauty muse Kendall Jenner.

Just last year, sugaring - the process of removing your pubic hair with a kind of sticky gel - surged. And yes, it took us a little while to pluck up the courage to try it.

Which brings us to this year, when beauty trends took a turn towards a firm focus on skincare. Dermaplaning (the in-salon version of face shaving), microneedling and hydrafacials have been popular treatments this year, as have less invasive cosmetic enhancements or 'tweakments'.

With the Kardashians firmly in the spotlight and stars like Gwyneth Paltrow talking openly about having work done (she told Harper's Bazaar US she has 'lasers' and tried Botox) there's less stigma around such procedures, and we're all here for it. Logically, fillers, kybella and collagen have been on the up this year.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth has come clean about having laser treatments and trying Botox in the past. Image: Getty.

Oh, and also thanks to Gwyneth, we have the rise of vaginal steaming. Google away...

Here's the full list, FYI:

2005 - Lash Tint
2005 - Brazilian Bikini Wax
2005 - Eyebrow Shaping
2005 - Body Scrub/Body Wraps
2005 - Tanning Bed
2006 - Lip Plumping
2011 - Keratin
2012 - Microdermabrasion
2012 - Laser Hair Removal
2013 - Drybar
2013 - Blowout
2014 - Spray Tan
2016 - Nail Art
2016 - Permanent Makeup
2016 - Eyebrow Tattoo
2017 - Lash Extension
2017 - Eyebrow Dye / Tint
2017 - Chemical Peel
2017 - Tattoo Removal
2018 - Sugaring
2018 - Teeth Whitening
2019 - Dermaplaning
2019 - Coolsculpting
2019 - Laser Facial
2019 - Fillers
2019 - Emsculpt
2019 - Hydrafacial
2019 - Ultherapy
2019 - Kybella
2019 - Collagen
2019 - Nail Art
2019 - Vaginal Steaming
2019 - Lash Lift
2019 - Microneedling

Are there any beauty trends you're glad to see the back of? Tell us in the comments!