The royal request Kate Middleton ignored on her wedding day.


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It has been way over seven years since Kate Middleton married Prince William, and yes we are still talking about the ins and outs of that day.

You see royal life comes with a whole lot of traditions, rules and royal protocol, and way before Meghan Markle was making headlines for her rule-breaking antics, Kate Middleton also had her own ideas as she entered the British Royal family.

In a new documentary, William & Kate: The Journey, royal reporter Ashley Pearson reveals that Kate Middleton rejected royal protocol on her wedding day all the way back in 2011.

The Palace apparently wanted the now Duchess of Cambridge’s hair up, and Kate…didn’t.

“Royal sources tell me that the royals indicated very strongly to Kate that they would prefer her to wear her hair up for this very special occasion,” Pearson shared.

kate middleton hairstyles
Rule. Breaker. Image via Getty.

"However, Kate had her heart set on wearing her hair down with long flowing curls, which is her favourite way to wear it, and actually William's favourite as well. They ended up compromising on her look."

Kate's compromise was her gorgeous half-up, half-down hairdo. The Duchess of Cambridge, known for her long loose locks, wore her hair down completely for her reception.

In the past there have been reports that the reason Kate Middleton chooses to wear her hair down so often is to conceal a large a scar that runs down the side of her head and stretches roughly seven centimetres from just above her ear toward her forehead.

So whilst Kate Middleton didn't choose to style her hair up, we're guessing that the Palace asked Meghan Markle to follow Royal tradition, which explains her stunning hairstyle at her wedding with Prince Harry in May this year.

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