Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Amanda Bynes just shared her first selfie in two years.

Ever since her much-publicised breakdown in 2013, ex-child star Amanda Bynes has been rather quiet on the social media front.

The 32-year-old has only made four Twitter posts this year, and her Instagram account was and remains deactivated. However, in the past week she’s significantly upped her communication with fans, sharing a tribute to rapper Mac Miller, a photo of her and Hairspray producer, Neil Meron and now a selfie.

Bynes captioned the post with a heart emoji, and from the photo she looked healthy and radiant.


Her fans immediately noticed her social media revival and tweeted back with their excitement and relief, with many sharing their favourite gifs from her 2006 film, She’s the Man.




And if this does indeed signify an Amanda Bynes resurgence, we welcome it with open arms.

2. The singer who was banned from Studio 10 for years.

Former executive producer of Studio 10, Rob McKnight, has shared why a presumably very well-behaved Australian singer was banned from the program for years.

In a recent episode of his entertainment podcast TV Blackbox, which looks at the inner-workings of the TV industry, McKnight dropped the bombshell.


Apparently some behind-the-scenes drama put Anthony Callea in the show’s bad books.

“What happened is that we had a guest booked on the show, promoted it even,” McKnight said, referring to the 2004 Australian Idol runner up.

“And their manager got in contact with us literally the day before and said, ‘He’s not coming on. He’s going on Mornings (Channel 9’s morning show).’”

“We were like, ‘You can’t do that, we’ve got him booked!’ They said, ‘No, we’re doing this.’”


McKnight explained that although Callea’s management continued to push to get him on the show, it was too little, too late.

“I made it be known to his management that if you guys do this, and you have every right to do it, he will never come on Studio 10,” he said.

“They just laughed at us and said, ‘You don’t mean that.’ I said, ‘I actually do. We’re not going to be treated like a second-rate show.’”


Keeping things civil, the ex-EP added he had no ill-feelings towards the singer.

“I do know Anthony, I’d be willing to bet my house that it was his management and not him,” he said.

You can listen and download TV Blackbox and McKnight Tonight on Apple ITunes right over here.

3. Sam Cochrane is apparently planning to take legal action against Tara Pavlovic.

After a very public split which resulted in rumours of physical abuse, Woman’s Day have reported former Bachelor In Paradise contestant Sam Cochrane is apparently threatening legal action against Tara Pavlovic.

tara pavlovic and sam cochrane fight

An insider told the publication Cochrane is seeking legal advice to stop Pavlovic, his ex-fiance, “bad-mouthing him on social media” following their break-up.

“Things have got so bad he is planning to go to court and take an order out to stop her speaking about him publicly, the source said.

Last month Cochrane told Woman's Day that Pavlovic had physically and verbally abused him during their relationship.

Tara posted two Instagram stories about the break-up, one claiming that while she had hit Cochrane on one occasion, she felt he had emotionally abused her.

Sam himself responded with another statement via his Instagram account.

The couple's split was announced in June via Instagram. They became engaged in the Bachelor In Paradise finale in April.

4. Sarah Hyland's bizarre, X-rated exercise habit.

Sarah Hyland has shared her go-to exercise tip and it's a bit, erm, weird.

Posting to her Instagram story, the 27-year-old shared her unique exercise motivation.

"Does anybody else like working out naked in front of mirrors so you hate yourself and work harder?" the Modern Family actress said.

"Seriously. I suggest you all do it. Because you're in front of the mirror and you're like 'must have Dua Lipa abs!'," she added.


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DAWG ON A POOL TOY... also #freethenipple #funboy #happiestgirlintheworld #mybooforlife

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Ah, wait a second, does that mean working out without wearing a sports bra?!

Yeah, no thanks.

5. So Keira Maguire has completely back flipped about her break up with Jarrod Woodgate.

It's been just over two weeks since everyone's favourite Bachelor in Paradise couple Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate announced their split.

And in the weeks that have followed, it seems there's a new story each day about what led to their split.

While Keira initially criticised Jarrod in interviews with media, even telling Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa that she struggled having Jarrod's parents constantly around, she now seems to have completely back flipped on the whole break-up situation.


“I just wanted to say there has been a lot of media going around about my breakup,” Keira wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. “Things have been said in the heat of the moment, some hurtful & not true.”

“I love Jarrod very much… I want to wish him all the happiness in the future”.

You can read the whole story right here.