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Exactly how you'll be able to tell who wins the Bachelor tonight.

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We only have a couple of hours to wait until the madness of this season’s Bachelor is done and dusted and we know, once and for all, who the Honey Badger chooses…

…To spend a day or two in New Caledonia with before their inevitable break up (yes, we are 92.6 per cent sure they’ve already broken up, for these very legitimate reasons, but we digress).

Is it Britt or Sophie? We want to know now.

Why? Well, because we are impatient we’ve had our emotions toyed with enough this season and, look, we honestly think it would be better for our mental health if we just knew the answer already.

We’ve had plenty of spoilers, leaked paparazzi shots and bizarre rumours, but that’s not proof is it? We think, nay, we KNOW we’ve cracked the code to figuring out who wins this whole darn thing.

And, guys, it involves science.

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Well, reality TV outfit science, if that’s even a thing.

Hear us out.

Monique Friedlander’s Dress Theory – a gift bestowed upon us two years ago – is that in the top three final shot, the winner always wears black. It did let us down once, but it’s still a pretty solid call.


But there’s another theory and it’s pretty much Newton’s Law of The Bachelor. It hasn’t let us down yet, so read on if you’re into spoilers, and if you’re not click away pronto.

Basically, the new dress theory is this: in every Bachelor finale promo shot, the contestant wearing the lighter-coloured dress will win.

Now here’s the cold hard evidence:


Season One of The Bachelor Australia. Image: TenPlay


In season one, Anna Heinrich wore a cream dress in the finale, while runner-up Rochelle Emanuel-Smith wore coral. Anna is still living happily ever after with her husband Tim Robards.

And in the final three rose ceremony, this year's Bachelorette Ali Oetjen and Rochelle wore light-coloured dresses. Guess what? Anna Heinrich wore black.

BOOM. Both theories prevail.


Season Two. Image: TenPlay

heartbreaking season... but both dress theories held up here, too. Sam Frost wore a black dress in the final three rose ceremony, and the lighter dress in the finale. She was the contestant Blake Garvey proposed to in the finale, but he later ended the engagement and dated second runner Louise Pillidge - pictured above in the centre - briefly.

We don't like to dwell on this season too much because we're still salty at Blake, so let's move on.


Season Three. Image: Instagram

OK, this is when Channel Ten tried to throw us off the scent and put the third runner up Sarah Mackay in the black dress... so obviously that first theory doesn't quite work out. Let's just pretend this one didn't happen.

BUT the new theory rings true - Snezana Markoski wore a white dress in the finale, while Lana Jeavons-Fellows wore a dress with a slightly darker underlay.

Snezana, of course, went on to win Sam Wood's heart. Now they're happily married with an adorable baby girl.

You can't fool us, Osher.


Season Four. Image: TenPlay

AHA - we were back in business in the 2016 season. Alex Nation donned the important black dress in the final three, and the lighter dress in the finale. She was the woman Richie Strahan ended up choosing, although they didn't make it in the long run.


Season Five. Image: TenPlay
Oh, who's that in the black dress on the far left? That's right - LAURA.

Again - the power of both theories proved utterly correct in this season - Laura Byrne wore both the lighter dress in the finale, AND the black dress the episode prior. Who won Matty J's heart? Laura.

Right now

Drum roll please...

Wait. Image: Instagram
Did we just totally outsmart Osher? Image: Image: TenPlay

And the winner is: Britt.

It's now so obvious, right?

...But what happens next?