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So now Nick Cummins is apparently engaged and WHAT IS HAPPENING?

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In a Bachelor season that’s had more rumours than actual episodes, we didn’t think things could get any more crazy.

And yet here we are, relaying the news that Nick Cummins is apparently, engaged.

The news comes courtesy of Uncle Mike. Remember him? The pizza shop owning guy, who’s Manly Beach restaurant hosted Nick and Romy’s first date and awkward kiss.

That awakard kiss. Image: Ten

Well, Uncle Mike is back and dropping bombshells about his nephew after Woman's Day tracked him down.

"He's getting married," he told the magazine.

Well, that certainly conflicts with the theory most people have that Nick and his eventual winner (who many people think is Brittany Hockley) have already split up.

But never fear, because Woman's Day says that Nick and his lady were planning a wedding before the couple broke up.

Oh... okay then.

While Uncle Mike had no problem sharing that Nick was getting married, he did stop at telling the magazine just who to, citing a "confidentiality agreement".

So we'll just have to wait until the finale we guess - which is a day away. Thank goodness.