The Bachelor winner theory that has everything to do with their rose ceremony outfits.

Nikki. Alex. Olena. Who will win Richie’s heart (and hopefully some expensive form of bling) when The Bachelor wraps up this week?

Monique Friedlander, reckons she has a clear idea. The writer has put all other Bachie fans to shame with her eagle-eyed theory about who will win.

Apparently she’s cracked the “winner” code and it’s all down to what the final three wear to the rose ceremony.

Rose ceremonies are getting harder as Richie decides who he could spend the rest of his life with. ????#TheBachelorAU

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According to Monique, in all past three Bachelor finales, the three remaining girls are split – two girls wearing one similar colour, one girl wearing another that’s distinctly different.


Once the first finalist is eliminated, it has traditionally left two finalists in two different colours.

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Lost? Yeah, so were we. But it actually makes a lot of sense.

Write this down:


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Anna Henrich wore a black dress, while Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith and Ali Oetjen wore white(ish) gowns.

First eliminated was Ali, leaving the winner Anna in black, and runner-up Rochelle in white.

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Sam Frost donning a black dress, while Lisa Hyde and Louise Pillidge wore white(ish) gowns.
First eliminated was Louise, leaving the winner Sam in black, and runner-up Lisa in white.

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Sarah Mackay clad in a black dress, while the top two, Snezana Markoski and Lana Jeavons-Fellows, both wore white gowns.

...And Snez won.

Dammit! Doesn't work with the theory. Let's pretend it that one didn't happen.


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Alex is in black, while Olena and Nikki are in white. As the theory goes, Alex is a sure-fire bet for the top two.

Because ~TV SCIENCE~

Right, guys? Right?

 Ugh, our delicate hearts just can't take this kind of stress.