'Sorry to the Euro-trip girlies': What your holiday destination of choice says about you.

A few days ago, I came across a tweet that said "Ever since I turned 20, someone is always in Japan or Italy. Is it like this forever?"

After nearly 200k likes and 19k reposts, it was clear that this tweet was highly relatable. 

Right now, I have two friends travelling around Italy and one in Japan...

In fact, I couldn't remember a time where all of my friends were here in Australia at the same time. 

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Now, I've begun noticing certain trends when it comes to travelling. Not trends about the destinations but trends about the people travelling to those destinations.

I've now deduced that I know exactly what type of person you are depending on your destination of choice.  

Before we start, I want to apologise in advance because I did not hold back with this one. It's just because I'm jealous of all you jetsetters 😉.


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If you have your eyes on Japan for your next holiday destination, you are the advisor of your friendship group. You've done your research, you've saved just enough money to enjoy yourself without breaking your bank account and you've mastered the basic sentences to help you get around. 

You also purchased a film camera because you obviously can't go to Japan and take photos on your boring basic phone. No — I want to see your entire holiday through a yellow hued lens and images so grainy that I can't even tell what is going on. That's exactly how you should holiday in Japan. 

Unfortunately, no one told you that Japanese street style is top tier so no matter what you do, you will stand out. Embrace it! 


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You love the idea of the "classic holiday". I'm talking going to the beach, and then to a beach resort and then back to the beach. 

Your suitcase is 80 per cent bathing suits and 20 per cent vibes. You get a massage every day and think to yourself "should I move here?" 

You also love a little plot twist and for a few days you venture out of your little resort to actually go see some things. 

Every time you go to Bali it's for one of two reasons — to relax or to party. Both reasons are good and I'm happy for you, even though I've seen these same photos from that same beach chair on my Instagram feed 1,834,348 times, I guess one more can't hurt. Keep doing you. 


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I've heard you say "I'm saving for Europe" more than I've actually heard you talk about being in Europe. Don't get me wrong, it's much better than when I tell you about a great restaurant only for you to reply with "the best restaurant is down this little lane in Sicily that no one knows about." 

Your number one priority for your next Euro trip is to get content that you will still be posting to your Instagram feed two years from now. No shame here, I would be too if I also had to save over $10k. 

Because of this, you choose to only travel with people who know how to take photos of you. They know your angles, they know lighting, they know location. Mum and Dad? They just don't cut it (unless their bank accounts are helping you). 


You're entire trip is go, go, go. Every day you're in a new city, on a brand new tour, eating different foods. Your concept of time is completely warped and it's probably for the best.

When you get back home, you spend your days down Wikipedia rabbit holes, cos-playing as a history professor. Your travels help you become the person that everyone wants on their pub-trivia team. 

Anywhere interstate.

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You're saving up for a big life purchase like a car or a wedding or a house. However, you get huge FOMO from all your euro-girly friends so you just have to get out. Luckily for you, interstate travel is a hot commodity here in Australia. 

You give yourself an alter-ego by saying things like "Oh I'm just popping over to Melbourne for the weekend." Or "We're just going on a road-trip down south." 

We all know that the worst part of travelling is the journey and don't let any self-help book tell you otherwise. You're so in the know with Australian geography, whenever you travel for other occasions like work or with different people, you are the person who knows all the best restaurants and can get around without Google maps. Wow, what a legend.  

The US.

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If you've got your eyes sent on the US of A, I have just one question for you... Disneyland or New York City. 

Oh come onnnnn, I know you're either going to one or both of the above places. No judgement here, I've been to Disneyland three times and NYC five... There was a point my life (early 20s) where I just could not get enough. 

If you've decided to take on the 14-hour flight, I know you can't wait to get your hands on some fast-food joint that we don't have in Australia, but you know everything about from your obsession with American sitcoms.

You also purchase an entire wardrobe, skincare and makeup products while you're over there because shipping is expensive so you're actually saving money (you're not). 

Tipping confuses you and you didn't expect to have to do quick-maths after every single meal. What you thought was a cheap deal, you realise is more than what you would've paid for in Australia. It's okay, it's all part of the holiday experience. 

South America.

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Okay, I am so jealous of you. You have no idea how badly I want to utter the words "I'm backpacking in South America" just once. 

If you're going to South America, you're better than all of us, and don't lie — you know you are.

You're most likely to be described as "fit and healthy" by your family and friends. You're also most likely to prefer travelling solo or with a situationship to keep you warm during those cold nights in your... tent? I'm sorry I have no idea how backpackers travel. Regardless, I'm proud of you and I wish I could be you. Teach us less-skilled travelers your ways. 


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Bula! If Fiji is your destination of choice, you used to be a Bali girly but decided to change things up. Now, you can't stop going to Fiji and fair enough. 

As you grow up, Fiji grows with you. You went once with your family in the mid 2000s, then again with your girlfriends and now you take the kids once every few years. We love a family holiday tradition (must be nice). 

You were born to drink cocktails by the pool and you will drink cocktails by the pool till the day you die. 



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Look— I know you're going to India for either a yoga retreat or to "find yourself". Yawn. Message me if you want to give yourself a real holiday in the Motherland.

What's your favourite holiday destination? Tell us in the comments below! 

If you want more culture opinions by Emily Vernem, you can follow her on Instagram @emilyvernem. 

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