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andra June 2, 2024

Oh goodness I’m so sick of other people’s holiday snaps.  Give me one shot of an interesting view every few days but please not 20 of you and the kids outside the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre etc.  Nobody cares.  We’ve all been there and we’re stuck here at home and it’s cold.  Forgive me for not being delighted in your good fortune.

andra June 1, 2024

Don’t understand those gaiter boots at all.  Maybe for fashionistas who like being fashion victims but they’re just plain stupid and ugly.

andra May 26, 2024

My son in law has suffered from eczema his whole life and last year started consuming coconut oil.  His skin improved enormously after than and now he has a dessert spoon each day.  A teaspoon mixed in with baby’s food is worth trying.

andra May 17, 2024

I’m 160cm and slim but wide leg jeans look dire on me unless I’m wearing heels which I rarely want to do these days.  They might look good on skinny girls with crop tops but I’m way past showing my tummy.  Straight  jeans are perfect and will forever be my jeans of choice.  Skinny I think are not so flattering but straight look good on everybody.

andra March 30, 2024

Wish she had revealed the complete cost.

andra March 30, 2024

I’m Aries and I do love a tote bag so you scored one right at least.

andra March 6, 2024

Travis clearly has an intellectual bent.

andra March 6, 2024

I have used .05% Tretinoin for 11 years twice a week for 11 years.  I’m 71 and my skin is amazing.  It’s prescription strength and the best thing you will ever do for your skin.  A tube lasts me about a year.

andra March 4, 2024

Women are culpable as well I’m sorry to say.  Read the comments from friends on a Facebook selfie re how “smokin’ hot 🔥” she looks.  We are obsessed with a celebrity’s weight loss journey and wonder how she did it.  We share beauty and make up tips and which serums are going to help our skin stay young and fresher looking.  We have bought into this belief that as women we must look as attractive  as possible to impress our friends.  I heard my daughter tell her 7yo son that his 7yo girlfriend is a “hottie”.  Social media and reality shows like MAFS and The Bachelor present a highly sexualised version of women.  How do our sons not soak this in?  

Watch Survivor and see how tough and shrewd women are and what can they achieve physically.  We are the ones raising these boys and we should be setting the example and educating them to see through all this mysoginistic crap.

andra February 28, 2024

I suspect - and I’m mindful I may be completely off base - that Kate has bowel issues and this may stem from Crohn’s disease.  This is an inflammatory condition that can cause major absorption issues and damage to the intestines.  It can be exacerbated by stress and Kate would very likely have been “through the wringer” with Prince Harry’s book and disloyalty to his brother.  Her long stay in hospital and long recovery period suggests to me a part of her bowel has been removed.  This would be something Kate might not wish to be known and understandably so.  This is pure speculation of course but it seems to fit what we know about her procedure.

andra February 15, 2024

Much too complicated for me.  I never have 3 cups day old white rice, nor half the other ingredients on hand.  I was hoping for “Take a can of Minestrone Soup and add some supermarket roast chicken.  Heat and serve”.  

andra February 15, 2024

Why are we arguing about doulas and what they do or don’t do?  I didn’t read it as being about doulas per se but how they were exploited by a mentally ill woman.  But if you want to make it about doulas v other traditional medical carers, no hospital nurse is going to drop everything at the hospital and rush to a pregnant woman’s side.  Doulaswill do that it seems.  That’s why she targeted them. 

andra January 28, 2024

If people “do me wrong” and I despise them for it, so often something awful happens to them.  I started noticing this and try very hard not to harbour ill feeling.  I also often experience synchronicity, especially thinking of someone just before they call.  The other day I saw in the space of 5 minutes two cars I used to own.  These are old models and hardly any left on the road and I’d  never seen them since selling them years ago.  I can just know something is right for me and am never wrong.  I use the Tarot for insight.  For instance my husband left me after a long marriage for another woman.  I told him it wouldn’t last and he grinned knowingly.  After a few months I did his cards and hers.  He was still in love but she clearly wasn’t.  Later I heard from friends they had broken up but he didn’t want me to know.  I know the cards never lie but I acted surprised.  I also knew from the cards my first boyfriend post divorce was an idiot but I persevered anyway.  Broke my heart of course.  I don’t do anything without checking the cards these days.  I love my psychic ability.

andra January 28, 2024

They’re rife on Facebook.  Get messages constantly - all worded the same.  All from good looking guys from the US.  A couple I  Iooked into just for fun.  The Likes on their photos were all from young black dudes and clearly that’s who this guy is as well.  There were a couple of Likes from older white women who have clearly been targeted and who have responded.  These guys are supposedly high profile but work in countries like Yemen so you can’t find them on Google,  Doctors and retired Army Generals are typical.  Honestly some men and women have to wise up and ask themselves “Why the hell is he interested in me?”   Have realistic expectations and stay away from the good lookers who are always listed and never partner up.  They’re just players.   Ask lites of questions.  I never use my real name on sites so they can’t find me on FB.  I have found several nice guys and am currently dating a “good catch”, not that I’m interested in catching anyone.  I’m never going to live with or marry again.  Too old and I’m protecting my assets too.

andra January 28, 2024

Oh dear, poor Drew.  How come she didn’t google  “ Rams quarterback?”  I hope to God she doesn’t put her real name on there but uses a photo that is vague enough so she’s not instantly recognisable.  I always use photos which aren’t especially flattering in order not to disappoint.  Stay away from super good looking guys who are just players.  I said “not interested” several times to one guy but he went on begging,  Eventually I met him and after a nice chat he said “I’m not interested”.  I swear he just wanted to reject me.  LOL.

andra January 27, 2024

I stayed in an unhappy marriage for 38 years for the kids and the financial security.  He was an irresponsible child who drank way too much but he let me do as I wanted with wealth building and we ended up quite well off.  Then when I was 68 he left me for another woman.  Biggest favour he ever did.  Financial security is a terrible reason to stay in a marriage.  He got half the wealth I’d built and I got half his super so I ended up okay.  But I’m having the time of my life now and with younger men.  Lucky I stayed in shape and the face lift 10 years ago was worth every cent.  BTW she left him very quickly and he’s miserable.  Boohoo.

andra January 21, 2024

My daughter used them fortnightly in her late 20s early 30s.  Now she’s 52 and has had 2 melanomas removed from her legs.  And there’s no history of it in the family.  A lot of sun damage is irreversible so it’s not a case of having treatment later to get rid of it.  

andra January 18, 2024

10 to 14 days in hospital these days is a seriously long time.  I hope she’s okay.

andra January 17, 2024

I can deal with most things except those hideous recliners people love so much.  So fugly and an assault to my senses.  Yes I know they’re comfortable but I couldn’t have them in my house.  I don’t like matched furniture either but it’s acceptable in a bedroom as long as the bedhead is just a padded headboard and the rest matches.  I loved it when antiques were a thing and you could mix it up.  Most interiors now are very modern but a Chinese chest or an antique cupboard or armoire can really elevate a room.

andra January 17, 2024

Ooh…. a sugar daddy!   Doesn’t take much to work out the pros and cons.  Financially secure, no pressure to have kids, the guy is sooo grateful to have a young woman on his arm.   Lots of girls looking for them it seems.  Oh well, whatever blows your hair back I guess.