The 2024 wedding trends are a little bit controversial.

Whether you're getting married in 2024, got a whole heap of weddings in the calendar or just love a good prediction listicle for the new year (honestly, same), we all love to have a nosy at what's 'in' and what's 'out' for weddings. It's pervy. Exciting. A wee bit controversial. Because our favourite wedding Instagram account @wedshed has pulled out their crystal ball/data for the year ahead, posting their predictions for the biggest trends in 2024.

And look — it goes without saying, but weddings are very much a 'you do you' thing, and you should celebrate your big day whatever way you want to. But there's nothing quite like getting a sneaky glimpse into what a lot of people are planning for the year ahead.

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So, here's what 2024 wedding season is serving.

1. Fewer wedding parties.

Off the back of the popularity of elopements and smaller, more intimate, low-key weddings in 2023, it looks like many people are pulling it back on the wedding party front and ditching the number of people they have standing beside them on the big day. So, expect to see more couples sans wedding party. 


As Amy Parfett, co-founder of WedShed, tells Mamamia, "Expect to see less of a presence as 'the party' – by this we mean more wedding parties just blending in with the rest of the guests (sitting down during the wedding ceremony, not walking down an aisle, wearing whatever they want to wear)."

It goes without saying but whether you have one bridesmaid, seven groomsmen or no wedding party at all – at the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Which perfectly leads us into...

2. Odd-numbered wedding parties.


For the couples that do opt to have a wedding party, it looks like the whole even-number thing is out the window when it comes to bridesmaids and groomsmen. In fact, in 2024 it's very on-trend to have an uneven wedding party.

So, there you go! If you have three bridesmaids and five groomsmen — so be it.

Rather than adding or taking away people just to make up the numbers, weddings in 2024 will be all about choosing those friends or relatives that first come to mind and sticking with them.

3. Mix-gender wedding parties.

While it's not specifically a 'new' trend, in 2024 you can expect to see more couples mixing it up when it comes to their wedding party — and honestly, we love to see it. Because really, why should you have to exclude someone from your wedding party just because of their gender? It doesn't make... sense.

In 2024, it’s all about genuinely choosing people in your life who really mean something to you — regardless of their sex. That's what it's supposed to be about, after all.

4. Squashing gendered language.

With this in mind, gendered language like 'bridal parties' and 'groomsmen' are officially out, you guys. In 2024, it's all about neutrality.

One comment read: "Neutral language FTW. I am shocked at how READY I am for the 70s vibe but also not because I was a preteen in the 90s and can confirm the hold that fashion cycle had on us when it came back around the first time."


5. Micro-weddings.

According to WedShed, we can expect to see more micro-weddings and elopements in 2024. Tiny, trendy and very much in demand, more couples are making a deliberate decision to host small, intimate gatherings where the focus is very much on each other and the act of getting married, rather than the wedding itself. In response to this, many wedding venues and vendors are offering bespoke packages for miniature nuptials.


6. Floral installations are like art.

People are getting FANCY with the florals — and they're truly EPIC. Parfett said, "A hot tip from us: if you’re planning on having statement flowers at your ceremony, try to make sure they’re able to be moved to your reception later (if it’s at a separate venue) so you can get the most bang for your buck."


7. Simple bouquets... or none at all.

The bouquet is officially dead, friends. While floral installations will be booming, WedShed predicts couples will continue to ditch traditions that don’t feel relevant to them — whether it's traditions like cake cutting, the garter toss and yes, even the bridal bouquet.

Whole some brides will go for smaller, low-key bouquets, others will totally ditch them.

"Beyond being held during the ceremony and in some photos, the bouquet doesn’t really get a whole lot of air-time during the day, so it makes sense for many brides to scale these down in favour of putting the budget somewhere more impactful."

8. Digital wedding registries.

Sometimes you really don't need a fifth carafe. You know? In 2024, couples will be asking for what they really need (read: money) through digital registries, which are apparently on the rise. Whether it's asking for a donation for their honeymoon fund or to help buy a house, it's all about allowing couples to gather money for what they'll actually need (and use). The best part about it? No more last-minute dash to the ATM for unorganised guests (all of us). Win-win.

9. Thoughtful spending.

In news to absolutely no one, weddings can be expensive. And arguably, a lot of it is unnecessary. 

So, with cost-of-living on the rise and the fact that a packet of crisps now costs $8, in 2024 couples will continue to carefully consider what’s really important to them and ditch the unnecessary fluff.


Instead, couples are channelling their budget into things that reflect their own interests and lifestyle. It's maybe a little less traditional, more personal.

10. Destination, whole-weekend weddings.

You either love them or you hate them, but in 2024 destination weddings are on the cards — and you better start saving right about... now.

As Parfett tells Mamamia, "It’s a win-win for all involved: the couple gets more quality time with their guests, their guests get a good excuse for a holiday, and the local businesses get a boost of tourism dollars (goodness knows they need all the love they can get)."

One commenter said: "We are here for the whole weekend wedding trend — SO FUN."

11. Weddings aboard boats.

We did not see this on the 2024 wedding prediction bingo card, but we're totally here for it! In 2024, weddings aboard boats are predicted to be a popular trend. And it kinda makes a lot of sense. 

Not only is chartering a yacht or a boat a really unique way to share your nuptials and celebrate your big day, but it offers less noise restrictions (how good!) and gives guests a new and exciting experience (not to mention the gorgeous views).

What do you think of these 2024 wedding trends? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

Feature image: Canva/Instagram, @wedshed; @sofiarichiegrainge; @naomiwatts.