From pearls to... bridesmaids? 11 things that are apparently 'out' for weddings in 2023.

It's me, you guys. Your designated wedding correspondent. Yes! She's back with more wedding content. Because in case you missed it, weddings are all I talk about now. It has utterly CONSUMED me.

I'm getting married in April and it's all I think about. Write about. Dream about (last night I dreamt I accidentally showed up a week after my wedding... HA HA. My face was all wet and puffy when I woke up). 

But that's just the joys of getting married innit.

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Anyway, so as I was doing my nightly doom scroll, getting deep into everything even slightly associated with weddings, I came across a list.

It was posted by an account called @thebridaljourney, and it was one of those viral trend prediction lists that are taking over the internet at the moment. You know, the ones with the 'in' and 'out' notes? 

And look – I know weddings are very much a 'you do you' thing, and you should celebrate your big day whatever way you want to. I know, I know – but some of the predictions caught me by surprise. And judging by the comments, I wasn't alone.


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So! I'm going to arrogantly assume you want to go through the list with me and have a big ol' chin wag about it.

To be honest, a lot of these trends should perhaps be tweaked to what's 'popular in 2023' – because at the end of the day, each to their own! But here's the lot of them so we can gossip together.

1. Bridesmaids.

The first thing on the 'out' list? Bridesmaids. Yes! Really! Should I tell my five maidens now, orrr??

But seriously, off the back of the popularity of elopements and smaller, more intimate, low-key weddings in 2022, it looks like many people might be pulling it back on the bridal party front and ditching the number of people they have standing beside them on the big day.

One account commented: "Agreed! I think bridesmaids are still going to be a thing but without uniform dresses!"

Whether you have one bridesmaid, seven bridesmaids or no bridesmaids – at the end of the day, the choice is up to you!

2. Taking your partner's last name.

This guy... wasn't that surprising. These days, a lot of people either keep their own surname, or even ask their partner to take their last name instead. And honestly, we love to see it.


Either way, though – it's a completely personal choice, and different for everyone. Whether you prefer to follow tradition and take your partner’s name, keep your maiden name or hyphenate both, the decision is very much 'you do you'.

In fact, we actually wrote a whole article on it: Here's 19 women on whether they changed their surname when they married. And why.

3. Walking down the aisle with your dad.

Apparently dads aren't on trend this season? 

According to the list, 'walking down the aisle with your dad' is officially 'out' – and omg there's no way I'm breaking my dad's heart for a trend. Have already broken his bank account.

4. Traditions like cake cutting and a garter toss.

Also on the 'out' list were traditions such as cutting the cake and the ol' garter toss. While I might ditch the garter toss for my own wedding, you best believe I'm going to make a whole scene of slicing up the spendiest cake I've ever purchased!

5. Flash dances.

I'm going to be honest: a flash dance at my wedding was not on my radar – and honestly, phew. I don't have the patience or the coordination for such a thing.

6. Bows.

Bows were another thing that showed up on the 'out' list and mercy – IS THERE ANY JOY LEFT.

7. Pearls.

The pearls! Not the pearls. 

In case you missed it, the beloved pearl-adorned *everything* has become a signature style in recent years – from jewellery to veils and dresses. But are they officially out?


One commenter wrote, "Still going to rock my pearl veil – no one is trend-forward at my wedding."

You do you, boo!

8. Multi-day weddings. 

This one? A hard disagree for obvious reasons. Multi-day weddings are a tradition often associated with many different religious and cultural beliefs, where couples often have additional wedding celebrations that take place before and after the 'wedding day'. 

So, yeah – certainly not a 'trend' that is 'out'.

As a commenter points out. "Multi-day weddings aren’t a trend for some, it’s our tradition."

Another commenter wrote, "Multi-day weddings out?! Looks like someone who wrote this has never been invited to an Indian wedding. Their loss, I love feeling like I’m at 'wedding camp'!"


9. Favours.

Just try to tell my mum that the 200 favours she ordered are now 'out'. Just TRY.

10. Natural wedding decor.

While decor trends come and go, apparently 'natural wedding decor' is one of the styling trends that is not having a moment in 2023. 

I'm not sure if this leans more towards that vintage/rustic kind of look – or if it's like heaps of greenery or nature-inspired decor, but again – remember, you do you!


11. Boho.

While boho wedding styles have become a popular staple over the years – from ceremonies, to receptions and bridal gowns – according to the predictions, it's officially 'out'. 

One commenter wrote: "Thank goodness boho is done. I was done with it before it started." 

As with the rest of the things on the 'out' list – if boho is your style, please don't chuck everything into the bin.

In terms of what's 'in' for weddings in 2023, according to @thebridaljourney, things like long lunch weddings, 80s wedding cakes, baby blue wedding dresses and low-key hair are coming out on top, as well as small weddings, colour and petite bouquets.

At the end of the day, I reckon you should stick to what’s special to you and what you want to do with your big day!

Head to @thebridaljourney to check out the full list.


W-wa-wait! Before you go – what do you think of the list? Was it wild? Surprising? Don't really care and really want me to stop talking about it, like, now? Tell me your thoughts! Pop 'em in the comment section below. 

Feature image: Instagram; @jlo; @kourtneykardash; @thebridaljourney.

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