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geekgirlau March 15, 2024

@sancha I had a dreadful experience with a coach who was a member of the ICF. 

I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. This woman was a close friend of my then partner. I was not her client - there is no way I would ever go to someone unqualified while suffering from a mental illness. 

Nonetheless she decided it was appropriate to coach me, despite knowing nothing about depression and without having my permission to do so. Her coaching essentially consisted of berating me for not “being happy enough” - apparently the cure for clinical depression is turning your frown upside down (who’d have thought?). 

There were other things that happened at the time but that experience left me suicidal. And because I wasn’t a client, the ICF refused to allow me to lodge a complaint. 

geekgirlau February 3, 2024

I remember reading commentary at the time of that incident from a costume maker who specialised in leather. She said there is no way that was a “wardrobe malfunction”. In her view the costume had been specifically designed for that reveal. 

geekgirlau February 1, 2024

Exponentially more expensive for guests. Not to mention you’re expecting them to prioritise your wedding over any other holiday plans they may have. 

geekgirlau November 7, 2023

Rule #4 Please sit down - I have chronic back pain. I’m standing as soon as I can, because airlines have done their darndest to make flying as uncomfortable as possible. 
Rule #6 Don’t put your seat down - who’s to say that 90 minute flight isn’t off the back of a 14 hour long haul stretch? The seats recline - get over it. Do however be considerate, and recline it carefully, and sit up during meal service. 
Rule #13 Armrest rights - middle seat gets ownership of both armrests as compensation for having the crappiest seat. 

geekgirlau August 19, 2023

@JustJuz I recently returned from an Alaskan cruise - my first. 

I can only speak for the cruise I was on, but I believe it was fairly typical. There are plenty of dining options that are included in the cost, plus some options that will cost you extra. My traveling companion and I purchased an additional dining package on our cruise so we could experience some of the restaurants on board.  But the free dining options also provided plenty of variety. 

geekgirlau August 7, 2023

@rua I loathe the term “girl maths” but “cost per wear” is definitely a concept I support

geekgirlau August 7, 2022

The only time I had a theme was my eldest child’s first birthday. It landed on Melbourne Cup Day. One of our friends was very into horse racing, so all the kids were given play money and he was the bookie for the event. The invitation was a pic of a horse crossing the finish line, with my son’s head superimposed on the jockey. 

I’ve always kept birthdays simple though. Some activities to keep them occupied, kid-friendly food and a cake. A few times I went to those hideous indoor playgrounds - the party is generic but it’s catered and the kids can run around to their heart’s content. I was also fortunate that Grandda was an amateur magician, so that was a huge draw when the kids were younger. 

The last thing you need is stress. 

geekgirlau March 21, 2022

It’s thoroughly disheartening. 

Worth taking a look at eShakti - submit your measurements and have everything tailored for you. 

geekgirlau December 3, 2020

We receive daily updates on the road toll - why don’t we receive the domestic abuse death toll? 

geekgirlau November 22, 2020

Anyone posting physical threats needs to be reported to the police. There is a law against “using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence” and it carries a penalty of 3-10 years imprisonment. 

geekgirlau August 23, 2020

I’ve been replaced twice by younger women. 

The first time I had ended the relationship after 14 years. With 3 months he started dating someone 15 years his junior. The second time, my partner (born in the same year as me) starting dating someone 18 years his junior. He announced the relationship within a handful of weeks, and moved in with her after a few months (abandoning his teenage kids in the move interstate).

Every time I see a relationship with this kind of age gap I do make assumptions. I see (predominantly) men who have decided that women of their generation are worthless; too old, too difficult. It’s a slap in the face for women like myself who are in their 50s, who are largely viewed as being too old for our contemporaries because they want to be dating 30-year-olds. 

I know that someone else’s relationship is nothing to do with me, but when I see these couples in public, I’m going to assume that this is a sad, stereotypical mid-life crisis in action. 

geekgirlau August 16, 2020

The lengths this guy went to in order to confront this woman who “owed” him an explanation make it chilling. 

geekgirlau June 14, 2020

I experienced a not-quite-ghosting after 3 years. I believe it was exactly what you described. A man who was too cowardly and uncomfortable to have ANY difficult conversation, so instead chose to avoid talking and run away. 

As a CIS woman I may not always shut down a prospect in person, as unfortunately some men react negatively and can become threatening.  But a follow up text thanking them for their time and stating kindly that you don’t see a future in it, well that’s just good manners. 

geekgirlau August 28, 2019

In movies and fiction, our partners are perfectly in tune with us. They have exactly the same expectations as we do in every scenario - that’s how you know they’re “the one”.

In real life, not so much.

Perhaps it’s time to stop expecting another human to read your mind and make your expectations clear. It may feel a little strange at first but I guarantee it’s worth it. If you have been specific and your partner chooses not to deliver, that’s a whole different kettle of fish to them not realising how you expected things to go.

Personally I was never interested in a push present but clearly it means something to you. Do you know for certain that your partner knew your feelings on the matter?

Don’t get hung up on “if he loves me I shouldn’t have to say anything” - that’s a romantic ideal. Put on your big girl pants and tell him what you need.

geekgirlau February 14, 2019

Mine was 3 years.

And now 4 years down the track the scars are still there. I no longer date because I can’t face going through that again. I’m too old for this shit.

You coward

geekgirlau January 1, 2019

When my ex gave up smoking several years ago he was an absolute dick.

I bit my tongue for several weeks but finally lost my temper. I reminded him that the fact that he was going through withdrawal did not give him license to take it out on me.

He did pull his head in somewhat after that, and has been a non-smoker for several years.

Some crankiness is to be expected and overlooked where possible. But that doesn’t mean he is absolved of all responsibility for acting like a decent human being.

geekgirlau September 5, 2018

Did it escape your notice that she's a comedian? Personally I think it's great to be able to laugh at ourselves and some of the admittedly ridiculous things we do as parents.

geekgirlau August 6, 2018

I feel your pain.

Jockey Parisienne cheeky range. Not going to be as flexible as your others, but very comfortable.

However I'm finding it harder and harder to locate these in store now too :(

geekgirlau March 28, 2018

If you want to have some fun with this, have a discussion next to me she’s over for dinner. Along the lines of “Dave and I are concerned that you’re unable to remember my name. Have you been to see your doctor lately? At your age it might be a good idea to have a comprehensive test of your cognitive function.”

Actually the best policy is not to play the passive aggressive game. Address it directly, in person, and in front of your husband. Demonstrate that at least one of you is capable of acting like an adult.

geekgirlau March 28, 2018

Does it matter?

My kids have their father’s surname purely on the basis that it’s easier to spell, and my surname as a middle name. But seriously - why does it matter?