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Where to find all the MAFS 2024 contestants on Instagram before the drama begins.

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Prepare thy loins because Married at First Sight is just around the corner. That's right, it's the most magical time of year for those who thrive off drama, toxic relationship dynamics, and the messy antics MAFS Australia is known for. 

It's been a long, winding journey from MAFS making its debut in 2015 to the reality TV phenomenon getting set to air its eleventh season. And somehow, each season manages to get more chaotic than the one before.

Ahead of its premiere, we've rounded up everything we know about MAFS 2024.

When does MAFS 2024 start?

The new bunch of MAFS Australia brides and grooms are expected to make their debut on Monday, January 29 at 7:30 pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Where is MAFS 2024 filmed?

Like past seasons, season 11 of MAFS Australia was filmed in Sydney but unlike previous years, the couples moved into new luxury apartments and a brand-new couples retreat location. 

When was MAFS 2024 filmed?

The 2024 season was filmed through August and wrapped up in November. 

The MAFS 2024 cast.

Andrea, 51.

Photographer, QLD. 

Instagram: @andreathompson_andie

Andrea on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Cassandra, 29.

Administration Officer, QLD.

Instagram: @cassandraallen_ 

Cassandra on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Eden, 28. 

Recruitment Manager, QLD. 

Instagram: @edenharper

Eden on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Ellie, 32. 

Registered Nurse, QLD. 

Instagram: @elliedixoxo

Ellie on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Lauren, 32. 

PR & Marketing Consultant, WA. 


Instagram: @lauren_funn_

Lauren on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Lucinda, 43.

MC & Wedding Celebrant, NSW.

Instagram: @lucindaslight

Lucinda on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Natalie, 32.

Physiotherapist, VIC. 

Instagram: @natarai

Natalie on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Sara, 29.

Nutritionist, NSW.

Instagram: @saramessy

Sara on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Tori, 27.

Business Development Manager, VIC. 

Instagram: @torileighadams

Tori on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Ben, 39.

Tour Guide, NSW. 


Instagram: @walters_tours

Ben on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Collins, 28.

Executive Assistant, NSW. 

Instagram: @collins_christian_ 

Collins on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Jack, 34.

Personal Trainer, QLD. 

Instagram: @jack_dunkley

Jack on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Jayden, 26.

Professional Kickboxer, QLD.

Instagram: @jaydeneynaud.kickboxer  

Jayden on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Jonathan, 39.

Health Business Owner, NSW. 

Instagram: @jono.mccullough

Jonathan on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Michael, 34.

Salesperson, Victoria. 


Instagram: @m.felix88

Michael on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Richard, 62.

Motivational Speaker, NSW. 

Instagram: @richard_sauerman

Richard on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Simon, 39.

Marketing Manager, SA. 

Instagram: @_floccoo

Simon on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Tim, 31. 

Online Business Owner, QLD. 

Instagram: @timcalwell

Tim on MAFS. Image: Nine.


Timothy, 51.

Business Owner, VIC. 

Instagram: @timsmith_melbourne

Timothy on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Tristan, 30.

Entertainment Manager, NSW. 


Instagram: @tristancblack

Tristan on MAFS. Image: Nine.

Read more about the official MAFS Australia cast here

Who are the experts on MAFS 2024? 

The power of three will return with relationship experts Melissa Schilling and John Aiken, along with sexologist Alessandra Rampolla all coming back on board. 

What drama has happened on MAFS 2024 so far?

Plenty. It looks like the 10 new couples paired together for the reality show dropped to eight when groom Simon Flocco quit the series. The experiment had hopes of arranging a same-sex match this season, but quit the show before his wedding. 


The Adelaide-based restaurant manager reportedly "ruined" the series' planned storylines because he "kept having doubts" and "[expressing] his discomfort".

"Producers, hungry for a groundbreaking narrative, persuaded him to stick around. That’s why he was at the bucks [night]," a source told So Dramatic.

"He kept telling them that he didn’t feel comfortable about certain things but was eventually talked into staying."

Simon told Daily Mail Australia that "MAFS wasn’t what I thought I wanted at this point in my life, that’s all."

"I just felt bad for whoever they set me up with. I did initially leave, but they managed to coax me back [before leaving again]," he continued. "Gotta look out for myself."

It looks like Simon and his MAFS groom Michael, who was left "hopeful and anxious" while producers scrambled to find him a new match, will be edited out of the season.

MAFS groom Simon (left) dropped out of the season before filming the wedding episode with Michael (right). Image: Nine. 


The Wash claimed an intruder couple had to be brought in earlier than scheduled to fill in the gap. 

And according to Yahoo Lifestyle, groom Tim Smith was spotted walking out on his wife back during filming in 2023. Escándalo!

This article was originally published on November 11, 2023 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Instagram @timcalwell, @andreathompson_andie, @cassandraallen_.

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